movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] [Wikipedia link] American Pie seems to be wanting to become the next National Lampoon; they want to be a franchise, not a series. That’s one way to explain away the fact that all original actors (except Eugene Levy) have left the series. The official title is “American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile”. They’re dropping the numbers. But *I’M* not.

PEOPLE: Who are these people? Other than Eugene Levy and the a few of the little-people actors that you see in every movie featuring little people….I have no clue.

QUIRKS/SUMMARY: Yet another Stifler — Eric Stifler. But this one is a virgin, completely not living up to the Stifler name. He managed to literally kill his grandma by accidentally masturbating onto her in the opening scene — since all American Dad movies must start with a caught-while-masturbating scene. His girlfriend wants to stay a virgin, and this is pissing him off. Finally, she wants to let him, but he ends up shitting in her dryer instead. (You had to be there.) Finally, she gives him a “guilt-free pass” to go lose his virginity while visiting college. I wont say any more, but there is a scene of naked college people running, and you do get to see lots of boobies, as the title promises. Maybe not as many as you’d think, however.

BAD STUFF: There’s a bit of football in this. But it’s a team of full-sized people playing against a team of little people. So it’s still kind of funny. And of course — these movies pale in comparison to the original trilogy. They really are more like National Lampoon movies than American Pie movies.

CONCLUSION: We liked it. It got a generic pass from us. We’ll proceed on to watch the next American Pie movie, Beta House, at some point in the future.

RECOMMENDATION: If you need more college-based comedies, American Pie so far provides 6 movies to watch. The original trilogy, and the 3 “spinoff” movies. None of the spinoff ones are as good as any of the original ones, but they are still a source of “grade a b-movies” for those who want more comedies to watch. Parties, drinking, college, girls, sexual jokes — all of these happen in all American Pie movies. Need more? Watch this.

MOVIE QUOTE: Mr. Stifler: “Stifflers do not fake being sick to sit a home and pull dick. Stifflers cut class to get ass!”
Erik Stifler: “Yes, I know dad, it’s on the family crest.”

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