Camping … So, my camping backpack broke, and the broken parts replaced by the “cat pee camping backpack” broke too. Still, $6 met my camping backpack needs for about 5 years. I can get by with a normal backpack for going to Assateague, but I think that I need a real backpack to go back to Elizabeth Furnace again. So — is this a good idea for a pack? Or is it stupid? Weight matters a lot to me; I always travel light, and always camp making one and only one trip.

Well, we all went camping this weekend, and it was nice to know we actually succeeded. Last April we tried to set up camping trip “2006 #1″ and it became canceled three times due to people backing out (almost always unnecessarily) due to the weather. It was nice that this camping trip worked out in a single try! (more…)

20061014 - Camping with Misfit & Kali - 107-0771 - Group photo, including cats

Okay, this write-up is about 6 months too late, but better late than never…Camping on 10/14/2006 was a lot of fun! (more…)

I present you with the latest 11 videos from my digital cam that I have posted to youtube… (more…)

Well, my camping backpack has been messed up for quite awhile now.  A screw fell off, and I replaced it, but one of the straps actually severed.

And this is where WordPress nuked my post and everything else I wrote.

Anyway, the new backpack was $5 at a yardsale last summer.  It turns out that it smells totally like cat piss.  I don’t know if it was Misfit  or not (my original post had a link to pictures of Misfit, but now I’m too lazy).

So, we looked at both backpacks, figured out how to remove the broken part of my existing backpack, and removed the same part from both.  We then took the $5 catpiss backpack and used only the parts necessary for repair. 

So, I still have my old backpack, and it is no longer broken, and the total cost was $5.  A new backpack would have cost $100.   And both were gotten at yardsales.  So I’ve gotten 2 backpacks for less than a 1/10th of the cost of 1 new backpack.

This is how to save money.  Yardsale, and get things you might need that would otherwise be expensive.  Keep your money, and roll around in it.

blog-overlook-2-small.jpgWe had our 2nd annual Assateague Island beach camping trip earlier this month. Although I was recovering from illness and could not drink due to liver testing situation (since resolved fine), I still had a blast!

Pictures of this event are HERE.
Carolyn’s blog post about the trip. The longest and most thorough account: (her post is both about Bethany and Assateague).

Vicky’s blog post about the trip:

Angel’s blog post about the trip:


So, camping went well this weekend.  We actually had 9 people, maybe a bit more than average.  There were 11 total, but Jesselanie (Jesse + Melanie) did not stay for the night.  Pictures of the trip are HERE(more…)

Wow, this guy likes Altoids boxes even more than me:
Altoids box survival kit.  Who woulda thought?

Helpful camping hint: I hear “Avon Skin-So-Soft” brand soap helps prevent mosquito bites while camping. Some groups of park rangers are using it. While not specifically designed to repel mosquitos, new science is currently coming out that mosquitos are attracted to an order ALL of us emit; only some of us mask it. Apparantly, this soap masks it as well.

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