You know.. Movie-watchers always come back for more movies. They must be psychologically depdent on them! Oh no, think of the children!

After some time, they buy more and more movies, and sometimes have to have a dealer supply them with a steady influx of movies (Mmmmm, Netflix). Advanced movie watchers even buy special paraphanilia such as projection TVs, so that they can “draw the movie deeper into their eyes” or “hear it louder”. This obviously causes additional harm to the movie-viewer, so movie-watching paraphanilia should be banned, even when it could be used for legal purposes like watching Fox News. In fact, we should test people to make sure they have not watched movies lately. If someone has a past record of watching movies, they should not be allowed into college in the future. In Thailand, they shoot you in the head with no hearing if you watch movies.

I feel sorry for anyone who has watched a movie just to have fun.