December 2004

NBC Has No More ‘Pride’ (

””During a week of low TV viewing, NBC has decided to blow off three unaired episodes of its animated flop Father of the Pride tonight (Tuesday). (All other network shows airing tonight are reruns.)

“The network is hoping to lull you into suspended animation,” the Boston Globe quipped.

Commented the New York Daily News: “Clearly, the network is looking forward to the day when it has no Pride left. Memo to NBC: With a schedule that includes this show and the likes of TheBiggest Loser, you’re already there.”””


They killed God The Devil & Bob [which finished in Europe, I downloaded the remaining episodes 2 years later when they finally turned up, then only later did they finally release it on DVD.  Idiots.].

They killed Stressed Eric [which went up to episode #18 in Europe, but never made it past episode #4 in america.].

Now they’ve killed Father Of The Pride.

They just wont keep an animated show on long enough.
They don’t understand that cartoons take longer to catch on.
Fuck them!
And fuck SpikeTV for doing the same thing with a WHOLE FUCKING LINEUP of
great cartoons that rivaled adultswim.

Looks like Cartoon Network is the only safe haven for cartoon shows.

Fox’s saturday morning lineup of 1995 is shitty in comparison today.  Most other networks don’t have cartoons anymore. EVERY  network-primetime-cartoon has been killed prematurely — except King Of The Hill and Simpsons (And this from the network that killed Futurama and Family Guy).

If all you adult cartoon watchers out there weren’t so incredibly fickle and picky, we’d have more to choose from.

I also used in the past to eliminate most of my direct marketing postal junk mail. (But the best solution was to not answer mail for 3 months. The companies think you died and stop sending you junk.)

i would love to not install 90% of the “features” winXP comes with:
i.e. IE (i don’t want a damn integrated browser!), windows media player, and tons of other crap.

I still don’t understand why an integrated browser should or could ever be considered a bad thing.

Doesn’t unix come with Lynx? Ohh noo!!! Same thing, right? If not, explain why.

Is IE bad simply because it does a better job than Lynx?
Both unix and microsoft are OSes that have browsers out of the box.  One is better (IE). Both are conceptually the same thing, a way to do  what people want to do when they get their computer. Once upon a time I was content with Lynx and it had most of the “browser market share”.

Or is IE bad because microsoft is an evil empire with evil practices?  So I guess IE would be okay if it came with Unix/Linux then? My point being: Business practices have zero to do with functionality.  If you don’t agree with their business practices, don’t do business with them.  I don’t give Microsoft money.

Here is an undeniable fact: People buy computers to do stuff. People don’t want to build things from the ground up. People want stuff that works. Each year, computers do more than they did the last, and this trend should continue unabated.

Furthermore, surfing the web is the ONLY reason many people have a computer. How can someone buying their first computer GET to the web if they don’t have a browser? How do they download that critical security update? (And don’t say Unix/Linux never has security updates.)

I downloaded my first windows web browser (Netscape 2.x or 3.x) with Lynx, a web browser that is, oh no!, **integrated into unix**.  I could not have done so without an integrated browser (Lynx), and sure as hell would not have compiled Lynx myself. I would have waited for something better to come along or found something else to do.

Only the truest zealouts could ever suggest that REMOVING basic functionality from ANY os could ever be viewed as a positive thing.

P.S. Be that as it may, it would be nice to be able to remove IE after the fact, but alternatives exist regardless. You can use Windows and never use IE (assuming you somehow got the firefox installer on your harddrive, which would require getting it somehow, PROBABLY WITH AN INTEGRATED BROWSER ON SOMEONE ELSE’S MACHINE… regardless, burning a cd with an installer file on it is beyond the capability of most n00bs.)

I got a piece of spam today. The subject is:

“Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion.
You have got to set your self on fire for it.”

Words to live by, indeed.

Dear Napster:

Here is why I am cancelling my one month free trial. Let’s review:

1) Tracks claimed to be 12 minutes are really 30 seconds. That means an overpayment by a factor of 24.

2) Paypal partnership encourages customers to use paypal instead of their credit card, thereby removing customer fraud protection becuase paypal does not cover immaterial goods.

3) Your email support is non-support. You waited 10 days to answer me.

4) Your email support is impotent: You simply told me to call on the phone. I had to wait 10+ days for that wonderful email advice.

5) Your phone support was slow. It took me 15 minutes to get my issue resolved. 13 of those minutes were being on hold. The hold music was the worst music I’ve ever heard in my life.

6) I found out I would have been charged monthly if i didn’t cancel my service. I NEVER AGREED TO THAT. I DID NOT KNOW ABOUT THAT. THE ONLY WAY I FOUND THAT OUT IS IN THE HOLD MESSAGE WHEN I CALLED TO COMPLAIN!

I don’t do business with those that charge me without permission.

You are the weakest music provider.


“Iraqis like to point out that after the 1991 war, Saddam restored the badly destroyed electric grid in only three months. Some six months after Bush declared an end to major hostilities, a much more ambitious and costly American effort has yet to get to that point.”

This quote is from October 2003, but remains true today.

This is a random posting of mine on slashdot, defending the ending of the movie A.I. after seeing people talk about “that stupid alien shit at the end, the movie should have ended sooner”.


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