This was a rant I sent my best friend’s mother back in May of 2004. She sent me a chain letter that was very patriotic and made some good points, however, I just didn’t buy it’s message: That America is the best. It used to be. It currently is not.

“Oh please! America has the highest percentage of prisoners of any country in the world, and has only not been the leader in this cateogory during about 5 yeras of the past 20. Over half our prisoners have never committed a violent act against someone else; they are political prisoners.

The government can and will forfeit your property without ever charging you with a crime– it is a multi-billion dollar a year industry and less than half the people who have their property forfeited are ever charged with a crime.

There is no right to free assembly; clubs and public gatherings are often closed if they do not agree with local politicians and there are curfew and “anti-gang” laws being passed to prevent groups of people from getting together in public.

There is no public property left — you can’t even go to a park after dark or light a campfire when camping.

We are a hypocritical draconian country who has stationed it’s soldiers in over half the countries in the world, while quietly propagandizing that we are the ‘free-est’ country in the world. I was forced to change shirts at a high school graduation because my shirt had a marijuana leaf on it (funny thing was it said “Land of the free?” with a big question mark on it, with handcuffed hands holding the leaves — ironic that my shirt parodies the lack of freedom in the country but I am not even granted my basic first amendment right to wear a shirt that expresses whatever I want).

The laws do not apply to the rich, and corporations basically run every aspect of your life.

Ask any one who has emmigrated from any decent country, they will tell you there is generally less social freedom in America than in most of Europe. We turn away immigrants every year yet flaunt the statue of liberty (“Give me your poor, your sick”) as another symbol of hypocracy. We gave arms to Iraq then we bombed them 10 years later. We are the world’s police officer, basically a militia state who makes it’s money as the world’s cop. We try to force our drug policies onto other countries, which is really pissing off all of Latin America since most of the drug demand COMES from our country. We’re going to put a billion dollars into Colombia’s civil war (another Vietnam [except Iraq became the next Vietnam -CL]; actually several vets have turned in their medals of honor back to president clinton as a protest).

I’m sorry, but I’m just not buying it at all.

We are *the least* free country in the world becuase we have the highest incarceration rate, and those not in jail generally fear acting out. My own father refused to fly an inverted American flag because he was convinced he’d be arrested. People are scared to even assert their constitutional rights nowadays.

No offense to you personally, but wake up.”