NBC Has No More ‘Pride’ (imdb.com)

””During a week of low TV viewing, NBC has decided to blow off three unaired episodes of its animated flop Father of the Pride tonight (Tuesday). (All other network shows airing tonight are reruns.)

“The network is hoping to lull you into suspended animation,” the Boston Globe quipped.

Commented the New York Daily News: “Clearly, the network is looking forward to the day when it has no Pride left. Memo to NBC: With a schedule that includes this show and the likes of TheBiggest Loser, you’re already there.”””


They killed God The Devil & Bob [which finished in Europe, I downloaded the remaining episodes 2 years later when they finally turned up, then only later did they finally release it on DVD.  Idiots.].

They killed Stressed Eric [which went up to episode #18 in Europe, but never made it past episode #4 in america.].

Now they’ve killed Father Of The Pride.

They just wont keep an animated show on long enough.
They don’t understand that cartoons take longer to catch on.
Fuck them!
And fuck SpikeTV for doing the same thing with a WHOLE FUCKING LINEUP of
great cartoons that rivaled adultswim.

Looks like Cartoon Network is the only safe haven for cartoon shows.

Fox’s saturday morning lineup of 1995 is shitty in comparison today.  Most other networks don’t have cartoons anymore. EVERY  network-primetime-cartoon has been killed prematurely — except King Of The Hill and Simpsons (And this from the network that killed Futurama and Family Guy).

If all you adult cartoon watchers out there weren’t so incredibly fickle and picky, we’d have more to choose from.