(These came from a boring, hour-long bus ride to a school I now live near)
These are posted on my webpage (http://www.acm.vt.edu/~clint/haiku.htm). I’ve actually had random people email me to tell me that I am evil and the reason for the destruction of the moral fiber of the country. These people apparantly have less so-called “moral fiber” than myself, since I support free speech and they obviously don’t. Plus, people without sense of humor should be killed painfully. (And probably didn’t realize that last sentence was a joke either .)
These are the product of teenage angst, pent-up agression, and other ninth-grader difficulties, and do not necessarily reflect my current mindset. I wrote these in 1988 when I was 14. Keep that in mind.

Without any further hesitation, here are the “masterpieces”:

I saw a sad dog
On the roadside sleeping sound.
I kicked the fucker.
Suicidal boy
Stabbing himself with a knife.
You burn forever.
See all the dead bops
Their naked [or dead] bodies glist’ning
I hope you enjoyed these.
I made about 20 during that busride, but I forgot most of them.
Maybe some day I’ll find them and post them here. :)
Thanks to Brent Ingrebretsen for helping me remember the “bop” one.
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