Friar_MJK writes “Now even traditionally non-tech-savvy farmers are getting the rap for piracy. This isn’t your grandma’s p2p filesharing, but rather replanting bio-engineered seeds.  Somehow the powers-that-be got the idea that replanting seeds grown from your own soil is a crime. A company called Monsanto sells those specially engineered seeds, and according to their license agreements, they make it illegal to replant the seeds harvested from a previous crop. To enforce this, they have brought many hard-working farmers to court and even thrown some in jail. According to the story, the company has not lost a case yet.”

This totally reeks. JoeBuck writes: “…There’s a problem with this. He was doing what plant breeders have been doing for ten thousand years: noticing which plants have a desirable property and saving the seeds from those. Monsanto is basically arguing for the end of agriculture as it was traditionally carried out, and certainly the end of subsistence agriculture (as their seeds, if they have a property that lets them out-compete other seeds, will spread everywhere).  You’ll either pay Monsanto or you won’t eat.”

Do people out there really not see how the corporations are attempting to close in on and control most aspects of our lives? Capitalism is our own worst enemy when allowed to grow unchecked. Although I am somewhat of a Libertarian, this is exactly why government must indeed stay somewhat involved in things — to protect its citizenry.

Of course, you could argue that government involvement is what created this: We never should have allowed lifeforms to be patented. I was against this from Biological Patent Day 1. Hate to say I told you so…

Welcome to the New World Order, where all food and water is privatized.  Only the rich eat.