Just watched Michael Moore’s 1997 movie “The Big One”. Very interesting. I too am pissed off about corporate welfare and the fact that our tax monies get turned into free handouts for corporations, all the while many Americans do not have any health care at all. The free money we give to corps that don’t need it vastly outweighs the free money we give to people in the form of welfare and free medical aid.

What the hell is wrong with us? Do we really worship the dollar so much nowadays that we can turn a blind complacent eye to the suffering around us? Does everyone really live in such an isolated media bubble that they think they are immune to the effects of the madness all around us?

And I can’t stand people who bash Michael Moore for knee-jerk reasons.

I challenge anyone to watch the film and to take issue with anything he said at all. The only time he showed any mean-spiritedness is when he sicced the police on his “media escort” as a joke. And it was hilarious! He has always had an element of comedy in his work, and it helps keep things down to earth.

Really, I think he could be another Jon Stewart (who I *don’t* watch) if he just lost a few pounds. :)

Regardless, for a fat ugly dude who failed English in 12th grade, he has made a bigger difference than whoever you are reading this blog right now. He gave $10,000 to the Flint school system in order to get the Nike CEO to match him. That’s $10,000 more than *I* have given to charity. People who bash him are hypocrites when they themselves have done little to better the world around them. I haven’t done my part either, but I’m not going to go bash someone who is actually positive for a change.

Interesting was that he sent 4 politicians (Clinton, Perot, Buchanan, and Bush I think) 4 $100 checks from made-up groups, to see if politicians really will take money from anyone. Buchanan cashed his first, from “Abortionists For Buchanan”. Perot cashed his from “Pedophiles For Free Trade” and even sent back a thank you note saying “Thanks” and mentioning that he was thanking pedophiles. Automated, but funny nonetheless. These symbolic acts are viewed as harassment by naysayers, but are incredibly symbolic of the fucked up state things are currently in. People who miss the symbolism are over-simplifying things. I pity them.

Anyway — this is not his best work, and has a very “camcorder” feel to it, very homey, very down to earth. I would still recommend someone not experienced with Moore’s work to start out by renting Season 1 of “The Awful Truth” from Netflix. He saves a life in the first episode.

Someday, *I* would like to be able to save a life. Most people who are lucky enough to save a life do so only in a life-or-death situation, and only physically (i.e. pull someone out of a burning building, perform CPR). Moore did it for a non-life-and-death situation via media pressure (cancer is not *immediate* like being on fire, so it’s much more easy for an HMO to turn the other way and ignore you til you die). Either way, it was fucking brilliant that he could get a corporation to save a life by — gasp — actually spending MORE money (no pun intended).

That’s more than you and I can do.
Quit knocking him for being a liberal fatty.
Remember, he bashed Clinton a-plenty too.
Or do you not remember due to self-imposed doublethink?