If you’re voting for Bush, you deserve whatever wage you get.

“Democrats sought minimum wage increases in three steps of 70 cents
each, to $7.25. Republicans countered with raises in two steps of 55
cents apiece, to $6.25, as well as several pro-business provisions.

These include an option for employees to work up to 80 hours over two
weeks without qualifying for overtime pay; a provision restricting the
ability of states to raise the minimum wage for restaurant employees;
and waiving wage and overtime rules for workers in some small
businesses now covered.”

Yes, not only do they want to not increase minimum wage, but they want
to take away your overtime too. Not that this affects salaried workers. We’re already slaves to our bosses’s whims and making enough money to be bribed into the lifestyle. We already get to work over 40 hrs without overtime.

But now, that slavery shall creep the ever-growing working class as well.  As if you poor saps didn’t have it hard enough.

Thanks fucking Republicans.

And thank you to the United fuckheads of America who voted for this shit.  And no, I’m not referring to the citzenry, but the idiots who put this shit in place.