I was at this pointless meeting where people were very confused about what was happening during what year.  All the confusion centered around the fact that the fiscal year, in the U.S. at least, is October 1st to September 30th.  “But it’s not 2007 yet.”  “But it will be FY 2007 in October so we need to think about 2007 as “next” year.
Just a lot of painful confusion.
So I decided to reduce confusion, we need fiscal months. 
FM (fiscal month) 1 would correspond to our October.
FM (fiscal month) 2 would correspond to our November.
It was a boring meeting that had nothing to do with me directly, so I came up with them on the spot:
  1. Jackuary
  2. Federalary
  3. Farch           (inspired by ‘farce’)
  4. Anlil             (inspired by ‘anal’)
  5. Pay
  6. Jewne
  7. Juliar
  8. Ughrust
  9. Sepmember
  10. Octoburn
  11. Neverender
  12. Distemper
I think we should all switch to the new system immediately.
Have fun on Halloween. 
‘Jackuary’ was inspired by jackoffs but this time it can mean jackolanterns as well.