Here’s a list of all 101 movies Carolyn & I watched in 2003.

At the bottom is also several odd coincidences that happened as well.

More to come (shows in 2003, and 2004 stuff).


8 Mile

24 Hour Party People (a movie about punk & rave culture, cool)

A Beautiful Mind (excellent)

A Guy Thing (somewhat funny)

Accidental Spy (Jackie Chan)

Bachelor, The (watched by Carolyn, not Clint… she doesn’t remember it)

Back To The Future 2 (Clint’s favorite, the most underplayed, underrated movie of the trilogy + deleted scenes)

Being John Malkovich (2nd time, at end of my family reunion)

Black Hawk Down (war sux)

Bridget Jone’s Diary (Hugh Grant as a womanizer…imagine that)

Bringing Down The House (watched by Carolyn, not Clint) (Clint watched it the next year)

Cats And Dogs (kinda lame) (October:Clint can’t remember it)

Changing Lanes (that was messed up… not the ending I expected all the way through, though)

Clockstoppers (not that great)

Clueless (has aspects like that of Royal Tenenebaums…)

Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind (interesting… a true story?)

Count Of Monte Cristo (excellent) (+deleted scenes/featurettes)

Cube (1997) (good horror movie, eerie)

Dances With Wolves(Special Edition)

Dead Again (1991) (interesting past-lives/present-lives mystery–a 7)

Deep Blue Sea (generic)

Donnie Darko (Clint liked it less than 90% of people; must rewatch sometime)

Eight-Legged Freaks (don’t remember this well.. I just think of Evolution)

Election (Reese Whitherspoon can be so evil)

Evil Dead, The (also recently saw the Evil Dead unreleased prequel – ‘Within The Woods’)

Evil Dead, The 2 (very richly textured horror movie, such suffering)

Evolution (comedy/sci-fi combos are somewhat rare, this was entertaining)

Exotica (different)

Eyes Wide Shut (including unedited scene not on dvd [downloaded])

Frailty (doesn’t go with it’s title… messed up, a bit slow)

Friday (we both had seen it before, but didn’t rememeber–esp Clint) (also saw Friday 2 & 3)

Friday After Next (also saw Friday 1 & 2 — this one was the worst of the three)

From Hell (about Jack The Ripper)

Game, The (good & unique movie, from the director of Se7en/Fight Club/Panic Room)

Gangs Of New York (meh!)

Ghost Ship (predictable–but Clint was freaked out when my kitchen cabinet opened by itself during the movie [due to heavy techno bass music during one part])

Gone In 60 Seconds (good)

Good Will Hunting (reminds me of A Beautiful Mind but with spirituality instead of psychology)

Half Baked (Carolyn’s 1st time, Clint’s 2nd)

Harry Potter 2 (2.5hrs!)

Heist (Gene Hackman… eh) (horrible)

High Crimes (twist!)

High Fidelity (+ deleted scenes/featurettes)

Hollow Man (a 6, some cool carnage + Elizabeth Shue)

How High (why can’t I remember this movie? Carolyn does…)

Hudsucker Proxy, The (good movie! Tim Robbins)

Jackass:The Movie (pretty disturbing…)

Johnny Mnemonic (I want the laser whip!!!)

Just One Time

Legally Blonde 2

Lock,Stock&2 Smoking Barrels (too many characters!)

Loser (from the director of Clueless with starts from American Pie & American Beauty)

Lost in Translation (saw by Carolyn, not Clint) (Clint finally saw in 2005)

Man Who Wasn’t There, The (Cohen brothers hold my attention, but this is not a GREAT movie)

Manhunter(director’s cut)(1986)(based on Red Dragon… slow and kind of boring… wtf is with the tiger?)

Mask Of Zorro, The

Masters Of The Universe (the He-Man movie… with Courtney Cox! Ha, Ha, Ha Ha Ha. POS.)

Me, Myself & Irene (Jim Carrey rules!)

Mothman Prophecies, The (a let-down)

Mr. Deeds (Wynona Rider looking her greatest [ever] at the beginning of the movie. Sandler funny as always)

Mulholland Drive (whoa dude.. glad I read what the fuck it meant..)

Next Friday (also saw Friday 1 & 3 — this one was the funniest of the 3)

Not Another Teen Movie (very funny, surprisingly.. Whoa.. Janey was Tuesday from That 80’s Show??)

Old School

One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest (2nd time for both of us, also watched the 8 deleted scenes)

Panic Room

Patriot, The (very sad)

Pirates Of The Caribbean (in the theatre–Arlington Draft House–kinda distracting compared to watching at home, didn’t know totally what happened)

Psycho Beach Party (surprisingly good movie starring Lauren Ambrose–redhead from Six Feet Under)

Ring, The (Stir Of Echoes reminded me of this movie, but not as good)

Queen Of The Damned (better than we thought it would be, going in w/low expectations)

Quiet American, The (Carolyn liked it more than Clint)

Requiem For A Dream (+ dvd extras–interview w/author, making of, deleted scenes–wow!)

Road To Perdition (decent gangster drama, Tom Hanks 1931)

Rock Star (guy in tribute band becomes singer in real band, interesting, Jennifer Aniston saying fuck and kissing another girl is a nice change of pace)

Royal Tenenbaums, The (interesting movie!)

Saving Private Ryan

Silence Of The Lambs, The (Carolyn had never seen, Clint’s 2nd time, sooooooo much better than

Scorpion King, The

Short Films Of David Lynch,The(worst crap ever, until the end at least)


Signs (good movie!!)

Slackers (2002) (entertaining but not super..MMMM…Laura Prepon made it worth it)

Solaris (Clint & Kipp passed out, Carolyn made it but said it wasn’t worth us watching)

Speed (FINALLY…tried to see it in the theatre once and they LOST IT)

Stir Of Echoes (pretty good) (Carolyn had seen the last half before and freaked Clint out by saying lines before they happened)

Sugar Sweet

Sum Of All Fears, The (sucks if this happens)

Surf Nazis Must Die (Director’s Cut) (from Troma, makers of The Toxic Avenger and other grade-C B-movies)

Sweet Home Alabama

Time Machine,The (2002) (not a particularly great remake or true to the original)

Training Day (+ deleted scenes / alt endings)

Two Weeks Notice

Vampire Clan (based on true story, interesting but not great)

Where The Buffalo Roam (more Hunter S Thompson Fear-And-Loathing type stuff)


Batman Beyond:Return Of The Joker

Gen13 (2000) (from Image comics)

Ice Age


Grave Of The Fireflies (sad/depressing.. but one of the most thought provoking anime ever, and, coincidentally, when we looked it up on it was in the top 250 movies ever)

Kite (unreleased uncut version) (hmmm, I can see why they cut the American release at parts)

*** MUSIC:

Sex Pistols – Live At The Longhorn Dallas (19780110) (44min) (first American show I think)


Back To The Future 3 (while waking up after new year’s party + watched beginning some in february)

Happy Gilmore (already seen it, good movie)


Back To The Future 1-3 (deleted scenes/outtakes only)

*** Coincidences (contains spoilers):

# 1: watched 2 movies with themes involving step-incest within a few days (The Royal Tenenbaums, Clueless) (at least both were step/adopted siblings and not blood siblings)

# 2: watched 2 movies with themes involving architectural mutiliation to find the grave of a murdered girl whose ghost was walking the earth, within a few days (Stir Of Echos, The Ring)

# 3: watched 2 movies with Dan Akroyd in a row (Loser, Evolution)

# 4: watched 2 videos with someone waking up the next day unexpectedly finding themselves in a tomb (movie:The Game, and Simpsons #306:C.E.D’Oh!)

# 5: watched 2 shows with references to “A Clockwork Orange” in a row (Six Feet Under #29, Smallville #39)

# 6: watched 2 movies with the song “All By Myself” in it, within a few weeks (Clueless, Bridget Jones’s Diary) (Clint likes the Babes In Toyland version of the song better anyway…)

# 7: watched 2 movies with a promiscuous protaganist who becomes a failed media mogul, in a row (24 Hour Party People, Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind)

# 8: watched 2 movies with surfing in a row (Surf Nazis Must Die, then Psycho Beach Party [much much much much much better])

# 9: watched 2 movies with “Sweet Home Alabama” song in them in a row (Sweet Home Alibama, 8 Mile)

#10: watched 2 movies with car-involved plots in a row (Gone In 60 Seconds, Changing Lanes)

#11: watched 2 movies with cheating wives in a row (Man Who Wasn’t There, Mulholland Drive)

#12: watched 2 shows with references to the movie “Red Dawn” in the title

and in the plot within 2 months (South Park:#106:Grey Dawn, SeaLab 2021:#24:Red Dawn)

#13: watched 2 shows with an animated version of Rob Reiner in 2 nights (Kid Notorious:#5:The Nazi Party, South Park:#109:Butt Out)

#14: watched 2 videos with plots involving strippers within a week (Exotica, South Park:#110:Raisins,haha)

A pretty good year, but the movie selection perhaps could have been a tad better.

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