So my computer Fire is confusing me again… Now I find out the Ubuntu install cd has some sort of self-check program, and it tells me the fucking disc is corrupt! Well goddamn, I burned it using Nero with Verify turned on on my pre-built Gateway machine running Windows XP. Never in my whole life of Windows not-XP or non-Gateway cd-burners have I had this problem.

And “Storm” (my main computer, best computer ever) just had it’s cd-burner break! That Plextor burned every cd I burned for years! (Of course I’ll never get another Plextor, but that’s another story.)

So now I am stuck with 600 or so blank cds from my huge batch of 1,200 way way way way back when (3 dvd burners ago). And they aren’t “in the burn strategy list” for the stupid Gateway DVD/CD burner. It insists on a verification. And lies to you that it is fine when it isn’t. What… The… Fuck.

Am I to become suspect of combo cd/dvd drives now? Do I need to buy a separate cd burner? (That’s sooooooo stupid when dvd burners are so cheap!) Do I have to research the cd-burning capabilities for my dvd drives?

Oh why did I buy those 1,200 CD-Rs?

Fortunately Gateway had some stupid recovery program that came with their computers, and I opened the shrink-wrap and found five CD-Rs I can use in the meanwhile. I must choose wisely. Ugh. It’s like collecting fancy pennies. Worthless, but you need several kinds. Okay sue me I’m not in the mood to think of a good analogy, you’ll just have to be happy with a bad one. I’d be surprised if anyone read this far. :)