Well, my computer “Fire” seems to be shaping up a bit.  Once we realized the cd was invalid, despite passing verification, we realized we’d spent like 2 nites pulling harddrives 5 times, ram once, cpu once, moving monitors, and all kinds of crazy shit.  All of it was a wild-goose-chase stemming from thinking the computer was bad instead of the CD!
Burned a new cd.  Used its self-testing method to self-test.  Fine.  The thing actually worked.
I wasn’t sure if it was going to work, so I only installed the base package.  What a mistake that was.  I was all done and all I got was a unix prompt!  “HELP” only revealed shell operator commands.  I guess I’m supposed to know all this stuff already?  I manually went thru directory trees looking for “startx” where I thought it should be.  Finally, I realized I only had the base package installed.
So I decide to install the rest.  How do I do it?  I don’t know.  Apt-Get?  Nah.  My network wasn’t configured.  I said “configure network later”.  No opportunity was given.  If “configure network later” means having to do it manually later, then warn me!!!   I kidna figured I would be presented with an opportunity of equal ease to setup my network.  And to install the additional packages.  No fucking way.
So, yes, I had to install again starting from scratch.  This time I put in my network info right away, and did the full installation.
Yay!  I had a login prompt by bedtime!  But… My browser wouldn’t work.  Oh look, my network card is greyed out.
I’d like to change the settings, but they are greyed out.  They say I need to push the “Administrator Mode” button to be able to make those kinds of changes.
I do not see this button.  And upon googling, I am finding other people who don’t see the button.  So then they have to find out the name of the binary that is being called and “sudo <binaryname>” just to use what is essentially a control panel.
Fuck that. I might just literally throw the whole computer away.  This Ubuntu is not living up to it’s reputation.
There’s still VectorLinux to try.  At least it has some cool screensavers.