So Dave Oranchak says I need to blog more about the shows I watch. 

Anyway………….. Justice League Unlimited is fabulous.  I was sooooooo pleasantly surprised to see S5E05 after such a long hiatus.  We watched it that night.  It was great.  It had been way too long.

But then to see a torrent appear (minin0va) for S5E06 the next freaking day was awesome.  It took less than 10 minutes to download at 300K/s.  Not that I’m impatient, but when I had 75K/s, you could drop a torrent in right when you got home and if you were lucky it would be done at 10 or 11PM.  It’s nice having no limits or backlog.

So anyway, Justice League S5E06 was really good.  They’ve shyed away from magic and dealt with science generally, but this episode had a mystic angle, souls, magic, all that jazz.  And it was done well.  And the plots had been building up to the battle at the end pretty much for this entire season.  

I hope the remaining ~7 eps come out soon!

Meanwhile, we’re working through Frasier.   There’s almost as many episodes as The Simpsons so I expect it to take awhile.  (NOTE: It ended up taking 3-4 months to watch them all!)