I really like Type O Negative‘s newest album, Life Is Killing Me.

I thought World Coming Down was much, much, much better than their last few albums. But this one is even better! It is so incredibly refreshingly rare for a band to get better. With my tastes, pretty much all bands get worse.

Let’s face it — the first album they were still migrating their sound over from their Carnivore sound to their Type O Negative sound, and they hadn’t fully matured their style. It was a bit tediuos. It was not as good as Carnivore or Type O Negative’s 2nd album.

Their 2nd album, Bloody Kisses (with “Black No. 1“) is, to me, a seminal work in gothic rock/gothic metal/whatever you want to call it. I think it’s an insant-classic album that I will listen to until my dying day. “Black No. 1” will remain in my party playlist forever.

But this new one — it’s awesome. They have a cover of Hedwig & The Angry Inch’s song “Angry Inch”. Sooooooooo much better than the original, which is too-straight-rock not-enough-metal for me. I particularly like “(We Were) Electrocute” as well. Also good is “If You Don’t Kill Me, I’m Going To Have To Kill You (Gimme That)”, and of course the title track “Life Is Killing Me”. The opening song “I Don’t Wanna Be Me” is also quite good and I’m sure is very self-serving to the goths and emo kids who might be listening to it.

Other music I’ve been listening to since I released a batch of music to myself 10/2005:

D.O.A. – Life Free Or Die, War & Peace – totally freaking awesome, they are my new favorite band, ousting Tiamat (for now), who ousted Atari Teenage Riot (who is still my favorite band ever , just not at the moment), who ousted Ween, who ousted The Misfits (which are also still my favorite band ever — it’s a Misfits/Ween/Atari Teenage Riot tie).

Moistboyz 4 – The latest from the Ween side project. They’re new albums are better than Ween’s new albums, much in the same way that NoMeansNo’s side-project’s Hanson Brothers new albums are better than NoMeansNo’s new albums. Much in the same way that Faith No More’s side-project’s Mr. Bungle’s new albums are better than Faith No More’s new albums.

I really like the (typical for Moistboyz, and growing more relevant each day) anti-American slant in the opening songs “I Don’t Give A Fuck Where The Eagle Flies”, “Uncle Sam & Me”, “Captain America”. And I have a feeling “The Year Of The Maggot” should probably be about George Bush. In “I Don’t Give A Fuck Where The Eagle Flies” some of the lyrics include “killing everybody that you don’t like — are you gonna come and kill me tonite?” It’s a good album and I like the mellow rock style in “Everybody’s Fucked Her” as well.

Screeching Weasel – random songs – but they are good. I’m glad I’m getting back into them again.

Skatenigs – Stupid People Shouldn’t Breed. This album really varies from song to song, but “Shit Authority” sounds just like the Moistboyz! That’s unique. “Fight Da Suckas” reminds me more of Red Hot Chili Peppers from their Mother’s Milk era. “Poundsauce”, “Roadkill” remind me of Ministry. “I Got It Made” has a nice rap-ish feel to it while still maintaining a rock/metal feel still slightly reminiscent of MInistry. But the opening song, “Chemical Imbalance”, will always stand out to me because Beavis & Butt-head watched it! And the opening beatnik-ish soliloqy by that chick, while coming off as quite pretentious when you first hear it, really grows on you. And “Loudspeaker” just kicks ass.

Twin Peaks – soundtrack. Best TV show! I can’t let go of the feelings I had when watching it, and this soundtrack helps me hold onto that. It’s also the only series I’ve ever watched in its entirety twice in a row. (I have a “7 year rule” usually for reruns.)

The Weirdos – Vol 1 & Vol 2. Can’t say I’m too crazy about these guys. A lot of their songs are just ho-hum to me. I REALLY like “Terrain” & “Fallout”, and also “We Got The Neutron Bomb”. And I really like “Terrain”, “Cyclops Helicopter”, even “Weird World”. And “I’m Not Like You” definitely gets me to identify with the lyrics. And some other songs are okay: “Destroy All Music”, “It Means Nothing”, “Solitary Confinement”. But alot of the songs are bland: “Rhythm Syndrome”, “Jungle Rock” (which I would be happy to never hear again in my life), “Hey Big Oil”, “Fat Back”, “Barbaric Americana”.

Anyway……… I did not “release any music to myself” for the longest time due to harddrive crash, and video-dealings-with taking precedence over audio-dealings-with (for technical reasons: larger files demand more immediate attention)… So, I am getting into music again and want to release more music to myself soon.