February 2006

Okay, non-geeks might want to just stop reading now.   (more…)

It’s a bit of a sensationalist headline, yes, but check this out. Very disturbing. They took hidden camera crews into Floriday police stations just to ask for a complaint form. Only 3 stations got them one.

Full transcripts/video here:

http://cbs4.com/topstories/local_story_033170755.html (more…)

Saw Moistboyz play at Fletcher’s Bar (Baltimore) last night!

They rocked! (more…)

My worst hangover ever was an Easter in 1996 (I think) where I was unable to even crawl out of the bed until 8PM the next day.  This was my 2nd worst.  I also somehow managed to get kicked out of Nation, though I’m not sure why.  Read on for the only photographic evidence to exist that shows Clint dancing. (more…)

EFF has this article about RIAA saying that ripping CDs and backing them up does not come under Fair use. Presumably, consumers concerned with the ability to make back up copies would choose to purchase music from a service that allowed such copying. Even if CDs do become damaged, replacements are readily available at affordable prices. Similar to the motion picture industry, the recording industry has faced, in online piracy, a direct attack on its ability to enjoy its copyrights.”
Um yea… I hope you guys aren’t swallowing this shit.  Fair Use has been around since the days of the player piano;  it’s only now that we have multinational corporations loading the pockets of politicians with money that these rights are now being chipped away by the R.I.A.A.
Replacements are readily available?  I’m sure this is only true as long as you listen to who Billboard tells you to listen to.  Anyone with obscure tastes knows that there are many many albums that are completely out of print!  I own some of them and I know it’s true!  This is a bullshit lie.  Replacements are not readily available.
This is an attack on our rights by the corporations.  Stand up or bend over. . .


The DailyTech.com is reporting that ATI sold millions of video cards knowing that HDCP support was not enabled. Despite that, the cards were sold and advertised to its customers as having HDCP capabilities. A day or two after this information was revealed, HDMI.org went completely password protected and ATI is now modifying key areas of its website, removing any mention of ‘HDCP-ready’.”


Someone else adds:

Forget about HDCP. I want to know why they claim H264 acceleration but then after you buy you find out here [ati.com] that you actually need to buy the special codec for it. IMHO, when you put H.264 acceleration on the box it should come with it!


I guess I should be happy that I don’t have any HDTV devices and am not interested in them until such things become truly open.


Everyone else: Enjoy your vendor lock in and financial slavery to the intellectual property overlords.

Seriously. We pretend we are the great democracy, while we have the highest percentage of our citizens imprisoned of any country in the world.
Then, we lead a war against multiple sovereign nations as retribution for an attack that we allowed to happen. (more…)

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