Here are all the movies Carolyn & I watched in 2005.

But first off, the awards:
BEST PICTURE: Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, Sin City
RUNNER-UP: Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle

BEST ACTION: Chronicles Of Riddick, The Transporter
BEST COMEDY: Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle
BEST COMEDY, STONER: Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle
BEST COP MOVIE: Starsky & Hutch
BEST DOCUMENTARY: Super Size Me, Michael Moore:The Big One
BEST DRAMA: Lost In Translation
BEST DRUG MOVIE: The Salton Sea? Dazed & Confused?
BEST FIGHT SCENES: The Transporter
BEST HORROR, SCARY: The Grudge (really the only horror we’ve watched so far this year)
RUNNER-UP:The Forgotten
HONORABLE MENTION:Sphere, with the sci-fi angle
BEST LOVE STORY: Lost In Translation
BEST PARTY MOVIE: Dazed & Confused (so far)
BEST ROMANCE: Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind HONORABLE MENTION:Lost In Translation
RUNNER-UP:Beautiful Girls
BEST SCI-FI MOVIE: Sphere RUNNER-UP:Chronicles Of Riddick
BEST SPECIAL EFFECTS: Chronicles Of Riddick
MOST DEPRESSING: Hotel Rwanda RUNNER-UP:Lord Of The Flies
MOST FULL OF SHIT: Day After Tomorrow
WORST FLAW: Day After Tomorrow: scene where they draw a line across America, I’m on one side, then they flip back, and now I’m on the other side and safe! Carolyn is adamant here yelling that this doesn’t capture just how messed up it is, she’s drawing examples furiously on paper right now!
WORST PICTURE: Clint/Carolyn:Beautiful Girls/The Unforgiven/Birth, Carolyn/Clint:Birth/Beautiful Girls
RUNNER-UP: Hedwig & The Angry Inch
HONORABLE MENTION: Killer Klowns From Outer Space, but this movie didn’t try to take itself seriously so it gets some points forgiven

And now, the list of movies we watched:

IN THE THEATRE: Revenge Of The Sith

finally, Star Wars is over!

IN THE THEATRE: Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory

Willy Wonka is Michael Jackson!

10 Things I Hate About You

(we’d seen snippets before… but never the whole movie… not great)

A Dirty Shame

(John Waters latest .. not quite as good as Cecil B. Demented, but still a 5-star non-serious movie!)

A Very Long Engagement

(French, subtitled, done well as the director always does, and the actress is a treat; the story good.. but.. hard to relate to unrequieted WW1 love)

Alien 3

(so THIS is where Chronicles Of Riddick came from…)

Asterix Conquers America

(mediocre animated movie– Germanimation!…Pocahontas was hot! The tripping scene was unexpected)


(neat movie, with virtual-reality-addicted gameplaying plot, but the ending was too drawn out… still worth seeing)

Beautiful Girls

(suicide warning: do NOT watch this or you will want to commit suicide from boredom)

Better Off Dead

(Carolyn’s first time, she liked it cause it was funny & about skiing, Clint’s 2nd/3rd/4th/5th time, who knows… and by watching this, we have finally realized that Curtis Armstrong [Booger from Revenge Of The Nerds] plays the voice of ‘Scooter’ from The Terrible ThunderLizards, part of Eek! The Cat)

Big One, The

(Michael Moore rules, and once again proves that a fat ugly loser can make a bigger difference and help more people than the average person *WE* know could ever hope to–see blog post)


(interesting idea… but…slow!! Oh my God!! S-L-O-W.. NOOOOOO)

Blood Simple (Coen bros film…it was alright)

Bringing Down The House

(Steve Martin and… Queen Latifah?! Strange combo. Decent movie but not great.)

Canadian Bacon

(Michael Moore should stick to non-fiction… but yay Rhea Pearlman!)

Cat Returns, The (Neko No Ongaeshi)

(kinda pointless anime about…cats…very pointless)

Cecil B. Demented

(Clint re-watched it without Carolyn)

Chronicles Of Riddick

(much much better than Pitch Black)


(exceeded expecations, good supernatural/religious thriller)

Cool World

(Clint’s 2nd, Carolyn’s 1st – Great to see Ralph Bakshi’s gritty animation again, this was great)

Dark Crystal, The

(Carolyn’s 1st time, Clint’s umpteenth but first in awhile… The “I’m Too Skeksi” video some guy on the net made was God-awful)

Day After Tomorrow, The

(flawed, but moderately entertaining)

Dazed & Confused

(FINALLY out on DVD, Carolyn’s 1st, Clint’s 2nd)

Erin Brockovich

(very interesting true story. classic tale of typical corporate abuse blood money, the type that is becoming more and more common with each passing day)

Finding Neverland (…alright…)

Fire Walk With Me

(watched it twice, after each time of watching the full Twin Peaks series)

Forgotten, The

(another good thriller with a unique premise. doesn’t quite deliver as well as it could, but still a strong movie–4/5 stars, 7.5/10)

Full Frontal

(terrible and pointless, only slight interest by the very end of the film, trying too hard to be Sex Lies & Videotape or something… insightful moments, but it was a constant strain to put up with)

Grudge, The

(definitely scary–the scariest thing ever made by Raime/Tapert of Evil Dead/Xena fame–but not that satisfying–cop-out ending)

Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle

(wow! best stoner comedy in a long long long time!!!!)

Hedwig & The Angry Inch

(…not impressed)

Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy

(good to finally see it in movie form, but it COULD have been better… I already saw the British BBC one and was hoping this one would be a bit more Americanized)

Hotel Rwanda

(…sad…kinda speaks for itself…)

Human Traffic

(meh… good ecstasy-trip movie, but not a good movie in general. totally random.)

Incredibles, The

(good animated superhero family movie)

Indecent Proposal

(dragged ON and ON and ON…. still better than Birth and Beautiful Girls but damn what a waste of time)

Kate & Leopold

(interesting blend of sci-fi time travel & chick flick)

Killer Klowns From Outer Space

(maybe if we’d seen it as kids, we would have made it more than halfway through, but sleep took precendence… definitely a proto-typical b-movie horror movie)


(very interesting, but nothing super… his treatment reminds me of Larry Flynt)

Lemony Snickett’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events

(awesome style…it didn’t really explain much…”dark, twisted fairy-tale” genre…like Harry Potter meets City Of Lost Children)

Lord Of The Flies

(depressing, says Carolyn)

Lost In Translation

(Carolyn’s 2nd time… lots of.. um… feelings)

Machinist, The (…Fight Club was better…)


(the logical movie to watch after ‘Swingers’…same chemistry)

Meet The Fockers (good sequel)

Mind Game

(10!! An awesome anime, unlike any other… many unique animation styles, psycehdelic parts, defiance of conventional plot and style, and a plot that fills you with a zeal for life and a happy warm feeling. a major mindfuck!)

O Brother Where Art Thou?

People Vs. Larry Flynt, The

(that’s america for you… ): … Kinsey took flak for his sexual publications too)

Phantom Of The Opera, The

(watched by Carolyn only while Clint was napping)

Phone Booth

(wow! awesome psychological thriller. sooo painful! No movie has ever given me so much anxiety!)

Returner, The (generic japanese sci-fi wth time-travel)

Run Lola Run

(fun movie, though the casino was so incredibly unrealistic, but that was part of the fun–we tried German+Subbed but went with Dubbed instead because the subs were done so incredibly poorly)

Run Ronnie Run

(hilarious with an all-star cast, an extension of the defunct Mr. Show series)

Salton Sea, The

(a drug movie combined with a revenge movie? A good movie. Lots of action AND introspection.)


(oh my God……… that was twisted!! messed up!! as far as horror movies go, a 10!)


(long…and violent)

Shallow Hal

(good concept, mediocre implementation, interest held though, Jason Alexander & Jack Black were funny esp with Tim Robbins…”Don’t touch me, banana-hands!”)

Shaun Of The Dead

(great movie! a zombie comedy?)

Sin City (oh…my…God!!! soooooooooo good!!)

Sorority Girls

(surprisingly good… Carolyn says Michael Rosenbaum makes a cute girl…)


(lots of unexpectedness, unique…)

Spider-Man 2

Sky Captain & The World Of Tomorrow

(not spectacular, but very interesting visually and style-wise, a great homage to the comic-book era story, yet done in a completely modern way)

Starsky & Hutch (funny!!)


Super Size Me

(excellent documentary!)


(good dialogue, few characters, Vegas, woulda liked more closure, but a good movie!)

Taking Lives

(mmm, Angelina Jolie… That was the best part :) The twist was kind of predictable…)

Transporter, The

(excellent action scenes)

Twin Town

(a somewhat-unavailable movie from a maker of Trainspotting.. alright.. thick accents.. interesting story, says Carolyn.. and yes, Evan, disturbingness in the bathtub)

Unforgiven, The

(what..the..fuck… why is this #122 of all time on….weird, 2 people who were also in True Romance… and the cut-up whore was from The Tracey Ullman Show)

Usual Suspects, The


Village, The

(good movie, good twist… Carolyn was scared:))

Waking Life

(definitely one of the STRANGEST films seen this year, extremely trippy animation style & crazy philosophical dialogue … our cat possibly died while watching this, on Samhain [Nov 1])

Wonder Boys

(Clint’s 2nd time, Carolyn’s first, pretty good movie)

Who’s The Caboose?

(partially-improved mockumentary of Sarah Silverman, with H. Jon Benjamin, Andy Dick, David Cross, Laura Kightlinger, and many other stars, wow, Sarah Silverman was Blech on Drawn Together and her sister was in this movie and was Laura on Dr. Katz! [explains the H.Jon Benjamin angle]… Max was ‘Fenton’ from home movies[Sam Seder])

Syd Barrett’s First Trip

(kinda pointless… an 11-minute dvd)


A Night At The Roxbury

Mars Attacks

  1. Within 24hrs, watched 2 animated shows that had victimized ant families. (Later that week, watched a Tool video with animated ants! It was antacular!)
  2. unforgiven parodied in sweet j presents within week of watching movie
  3. 2 shows within an hour that had Subway club cards (Arrested Development 20050327, Game Over #1)
  4. in The Grudge, they set their clock forward an hour near the beginning of the movie, which we watched right after daylights savings time where we set OUR clocks forward an hour.
  5. Pong was featured in King Of The Hill season finale, and 2 other things we watched with 24 hours, but can’t remember what they were
  6. Benny Hill music – That 70’s Show seasone finale, Ed’s Fromage 2004
  7. Steve Winwood “Valerie” Ed’s Fromage 2004, Monkey Dust #3
  8. The People Vs Larry Flynt & Kinsey both about people who published sexual-related content with societal and personal backlash
  9. Watched two movies that had Dustin Hoffman in them (Finding Neverland and Sphere)
  10. Malcolm from Malcolm In The Middle and Clark Kent from Smallville BOTH finally got laid within 1st 2 episodes of season!!
  11. within a week, saw 2 videos with the weird paper-folding schoolkid fortunetelling device everyone used to make (a South Park episode, then the beginning of “Waking Life”)
  12. 2 videos in a row with consenting adultery: Indecent Proposal (crap), followed by Curb Your Enthusiasm S4E10 where they have a 10 yr anniversary present that Larry David can have sex with someone else)
  13. cockfighting in 2 shows in a row (Squidbillies ~103, Family Guy 20051120) & another coincidence that night
  14. in one night, the new That 70’s Show AND the new Drawn Together both had plots where one character was teaching another how to strip, and both also mentioned “Marmaduke”!
  15. within a week or two, two episodes that dealt with orthotics (Malcolm In The Middle, Curb Your Enthusiasm)
  16. 2 shows in a row with drinking and driving: The Office Xmas episode, South Park S9E13

To see other lists of media we watched, go HERE.