Here is the list of TV shows Carolyn & I watched in 2005.

First off, the awards:

Best Drama: Twin Peaks
Best Comedy, Animated: Drawn Together,
runners-up: South Park, Invader Zim, Aqua Teen, Family Guy, American Dad
Best Comedy, Anime: Super Milk Chan / Oruchiban Ebichu
Best Comedy, Live: Arrested Development
Best Superhero: Justice League
Best Reality TV: Andy Dick’s “The Assistant”

Finally, the list of all shows watched in 2005:


American Dad

i don’t care what you say, this show is as awesome as Family Guy, and often times more relevant and with more of a plot

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

awesome!!, as always

Cow & Chicken

various eps, esp during dinner, definitely a third-tier show but still twisted [and short] enough to watch… the parents’ excessive laughing at the end of the episodes just seems.. unhealthy

Dial ‘M’ For Monkey (Dexter’s Lab): Barbequor

banned episode leaked, shows Krunk being drunk, Marvel comics Galactus-parody ‘Barbequor’ who had a 2-beer helmet and a very gay Silver Surfer-parody… many reasons they didn’t air this

Drawn Together

I think this might be our favorite show this year!

Family Guy

I don’t think I need to elaborate on this one

Game Over

plus the dvd extras … good quick diversion of a 6-ep series, and the mom is one of the hottest animated characters ever. best cgi ass ever.

Grim Adventures Of Billy & Mandy

some really good episodes came out this year, and it turns out this series is one of the few that is actually improving over time. The Shadows one was especially fun

Hopeless Pictures (first disk of 2)

You definitely wouldn’t want to be this guy.

Invader Zim

One awesome show — we found a few straggler episodes we hadn’t watched yet. It is a damn crying shame this show only lasted for 2 seasons, but that’s to be expected from Nickelodeon. This show was of a far higher calibre than anything Nickelodeon has ever aired or could ever hope to air in the future, and is really nothing like a Nickelodeon show anyway.

King Of The Hill

still airing… still funny… just barely


From the makers of Dr. Katz & Home Movies, a show unfortunately only available on local NYC tv station “The N”, great high-school low-key dry comedy with quite a lot of “weirdness”. All 12 episodes were great.

Monkey Dust (UK)

~18 eps total, a British sketch-comedy … dark and sinister and depressing, yet funny… progressively better [except for the finale]… hand-brake turns on a giraffe? Carolyn is still laughing to this day at the concept. This show was incredibly dark and twisted. My God some of the humor (characters that committ depressing suicides every episode) was some of the darkest I’d ever seen. Especially for a cartoon. The only thing that has ever come close is Canada’s “Aaaah! It’s The Mr. Hell Show”, which is probably better than Monkey Dust.

PowerPuff Girls

surprisingly, still a few new episodes of this great series

Robot Chicken

Another show I don’t think I need to elaborate on the awesomeness of. Optimus Prime with colon cancer?

SeaLab 2021

so incredibly sad to see this series finish…also watched S2 dvd extras incl the unaired episodes, the bikini-reading of Der Dieb, the tour of 70/20 studios, etc. This show will be missed terribly, as it was the best thing on television during certain time periods.

South Park

Still pretty much our favorite show ever.
However, I think Drawn Together might be better!

Simpsons, The

still airing. still funny. still better than King Of The Hill

Stressed Eric (UK)

Season 2 – pretty good… MORBID ending! Another decent cartoon most Americans will never see, although NBC did see fit to air 2 episodes before cancelling it.

Tom Goes To The Mayor

another good AdultSwim cartoon, with a unique animation style


Arrested Development

quirky. awesome. grows on you.
sad to see it go in 2006.

Curb Your Enthusiasm

every episode ever – S1-S5… Excellent show. Good recommendation Nate & Angel & everyone else. Larry David lives!

Larry Sanders

#2…season 1… will be watching more episodes in 2006 probably

Malcolm In The Middle

as much as I hate to admit it, this show is still very funny

Stella (with members of “The State”)

Here’s a sleeper series. We originally got the shorts, which were never released. Talk about some crazy shorts. And also: The most dildos I’ve ever seen, per-minute, for sketch comedy. Needless to say those did not show up in the 10-episode Comedy Central series. Notwithstanding, it was still a freakin’ awesome series. I highly recommend getting in a moustache-growing contest.


I’ve only managed to watch this while trashed. I remember… a very very mean clown on the streets, interviewing people and doing mean things

That 70’s Show

The show definitely jumped the shark with the departure of Eric, and then Kelso. It is so surprising that it got renewed without half the cast.

Andy Richter Controls The Universe

#15, the first of 5 unaired episodes. Another good series needlessly axed by Fox.


He-Man, New Adventures Of (1990s)

after the original 1980s series, but before the awesome new 2003 series that was actually really-well-done … was this thing. Hilights include Adam ‘outing’ himself to parents and leaving Eternia for good, to go to a planet called Primus, I think. [No, not the band, and not King Primus from The Pirates Of DarkWater either…])

Justice League / Justice League Unlimited

The absolute best animated action airing today.

Superman:TAS (1988)

very old school, not that great, only watched 1 or 2 6-minute episodes

Star Trek:TAS: #17 (1970s)

super old school, super cheesy, but with real Star Trek voice actors (i.e. Shatner, Nimoy, Kelly)

Zeta Project, The

finally watched the last episode… 6.5/10 but no real conclusion with the finale. The only spin-off from Batman Beyond, it looks like that alternate verse has run its course now.


Bobobo (#1-#6)

wtf! another insane anime, about hair-snatchers, nose-hair wielders, a man whose father was a hair… and a pickle. People familiar with Japanese culture describe this as the “Family Guy” of Japan. Watched the first 6 episodes in Japanese (subtitled, of course). Totally insane. Then availability declined. Then Cartoon Network started airing dubbed (yeeech!) episodes which we’ve been getting. This is a strange, absurd experience.

El Hazard Alternative World

(13 eps) (…meh…pointless…)

Oruchuban Ebichu

A 10! bizarre! hamsters and sextalk and sex and hamster voilence and puddles of hamster blood but maintaining cuteness all the way through… as good as it is strange, which is a rarity. Even my sister liked it.

Puni Puni Poemi (2 episodes)

wtf! female-on-female crushes, lesbian sex, super heroes, one of which is a dominatrix, Bobobo-ish aspects, fastest-Japanese-talking-EVER, self-referential voice acting weirdness… crazy

Super Milk-Chan

another 10! #1-#6:ADV version, not AdultSwim versions. This is another “remix” show, like SeaLab 2021 or Space Ghost Coast To Coast. They took an unfunny Japanese show, and changed the jokes to make them more relevant to American culture. It’s like a cover-song. The results are great. Avoid the disk #2s (japanese) and only get the disk #1s (americanized) from Netflix.


Carnivale (Season 2)

I want answers! This is bullshit! I would strongly advise anyone who hasn’t seen this series to NOT SEE IT. It is a waste of time. It’s damn good, but a waste of time. It’s not worth it. Just… Just don’t go there.

24 (Season 4)

do I need to elaborate on how good this show was? Season 4 was definitely the worst.


the 3 unaired episodes, from the dvd, in preparation for the release of the Serenity movie

Six Feet Under (season 5)

the series ended… the most painful, tear-jerking, emotional experience to be had on television at least in a long long long time, possibly ever. the most tears of any show ever.

Smallville (Season 4)
Twilight Zone (1980s)

one 12-minute Arthuer C. Clarke-based ok story, and many many previewed for several minutes

Twin Peaks (complete)

(TWICE… 2nd time with Mark) (pilot+S1+S2+Fire Walk With Me) (damn… confusing… very good.. so great to finally see it all in its entirety… hoping for the release of the 1+-hour Fire Walk With Me deleted scenes) (finding S2 DVDs quality — from Europe only — was tricky). Probably our favorite show this year.


David Cross: One Night Stand (1996) + clip


Cartoon All-Stars To The Rescue

hilarious 1990 anti-drug ultimate cartoon crossovewr PSA with cheeziest songs ever and retarded McDonalds kids .. imagine seeing animated versions of Bugs Bunny, Garfield, Alf, The Chipmunks, The Smurfs, Daffy Duck — all on the screen at once. Really, this is a one-of-a-kind gem. And with an intro by Nancy Reagan, who could resist?

Don Hertzfeld: Rejected

extremely funny shit!! demented, violent, even psychedelic at moments)

Duck Dodgers with Megadeth

yes… strange but true… a show for little kids with Megadeth as a guest star, thawed out in the future and they sing a Megadeth song to save the day. Un-freakin’-believable.

Ed’s Fromage 2004

weird, like Beavis & Butt-head watching music videos, except it’s this “Ed” puppet character. 40 minutes long, and pretty funny.


failed Ralph Bakshi pilot saturday morning cartoon (1989) – pretty good, although very bad quality. It was a cut-off poor digital encode of a poor vhs tape of a show recorded with bunny ear antennas and only aired once!

Henry Seleck animations

awesome stuff, MTV id, expirimental animation

Life On Mars: failed Bob Odenkirk pilot (decent)
Pamela Anderson Roast (Uncut Version)

Definitely better than the version comedy central aired! I think we watched both. Pam’s a good sport.

Way Things Go, The

30-minute completely insane Rube Goldberg machine. No plot. No words. Just the machine.


Cookie Monster on Martha Stewart (11min)

Cookie Monster was really mis-behaving, and Martha was clearly bothered and put off by him during this clip. Obscure humor at its best. Thanks Scott!

Roadside Attractions with Kevin Smith

random stuff on Jersey Girl dvd that had nothing to do with the movie–was actually better

Troma DVD extras “Edge TV” stuff

Troma has always been the best B-movie company out there!

Twigger’s Holiday

5 5-minute shorts, very strange, hot mom, tripped-out visual hybrid style, very inane ‘stupid, dumb, retarded’, with some hot MILFs. Then they offered the soundtrack on mp3.


Fuck The Corporate Media

WTO Seattle Riot incident counterpoint against the corporate media

LSD: The Beyond Within

2-part BBC special, interviews with Hoffman, etc, analog special effects, etc

Pilot Guides – Amsterdam City Guide

listened to twice, watched snippets of

tons and tons and tons and tons of 911 documentaries

Asisstant, The aka Who Wants To Be Andy Dick’s Assistant?

So insanely cruel to the contetents… cruel, senseless, random… loved it.. only 8 eps is good too, cause reality TV generally sucks and is filler. This is a rare exception.

I’m With Busey

Gary Busey is freakin’ weird. “T.E.A.M. – Together Everyone Achieves More!” I wish I had a list of all the acronyms Gary blew out his ass. This one was obviously scripted at points, but still decent.

Michael Moore’s The Awful Truth

Season 2… excellent stuff… FREAKING AWESOME. Hilarious effective harrassing for a good cause. Moore manages to even save lives while filming this movie.)

Simple Life, The: #1

had never seen the first episode…


Cheap Seats – S2E02 – with Mystery Science Theatre 3000 guests

Creative Breaking? Um, okay. This was like MST3K except different people doing it, and instead of watching movies, they watched sports. One of them was “creative breaking”.

To see other lists of media we watched, go HERE.