It’s a bit of a sensationalist headline, yes, but check this out. Very disturbing. They took hidden camera crews into Floriday police stations just to ask for a complaint form. Only 3 stations got them one.

Full transcripts/video here:

Multiple police asked them “if they were on medications”. Apparantly if you believe someone is on drugs you can arrest them regardless of whether they are or not, so you better answer that question properly when asked. Which means to practice the 5th Amendment and say nothing.

Another cop put his hand on his gun and said, “Take one step forward. See what happens.” Can you even fucking imagine what would happen if the situation was reversed? I can tell you: The cop would shoot and kill you, and would be aquitted of any and all charges, and at worst be fired and join another police force, and at best be promoted for “valour”.

Yet another station took their license and almost detained them!

This is America folks. Even the first amendment says you hvae the right to petition your government for grievances. And Republicans, don’t argue with me that a complaint form is not a petition. I’m sick of your bullshit. Democrats, don’t argue with me that the police are there to protect us. I’m sick of your bullshit too.

If you people don’t wake up to the impending fascism and change how you vote, this will only get worse.

I can’t believe it’s come to this. What is this, communist china? Mao Tes Tsung revolted because he grew up seeing decapitated heads on pikes in front of govt installations: The heads of those who dared complain. Even after the revolution, China isn’t that free. It obviously takes more than one revolution in some cases, and the Chinese people should definitely revolt as soon as possible. Gee I hope Yahoo wont kidnap me and send me to China for saying that. But if I do, you can be damn sure you wont hear about it from

Anyway, remember there is also a war on free technology going on. Before long, a sting operation like the one CBS pulled in florida will either be illegal, or techically impossible. Camera-busting technology is in the works.

We are in a rare period where we have a brief glimpse into the fascists, before the war on technology is lost and the tools we have to expose the evil ones become impotent. We have a short period to do something about this, and it is growing shorter. If you’re not alarmed, you should be.