My worst hangover ever was an Easter in 1996 (I think) where I was unable to even crawl out of the bed until 8PM the next day.  This was my 2nd worst.  I also somehow managed to get kicked out of Nation, though I’m not sure why.  Read on for the only photographic evidence to exist that shows Clint dancing.

The write-up:

I came close to besting worst hangover ever Thursday, when Carolyn, I, Sammy & Christian all went to Nation to celebrate Carolyn’s birthday. Open bar came and went and I had 3 or 4 Vodka-Cranberries and I was fine. I thought the drinknig was over but someone put a beer in my hand and that’s about when I crossed the line. I even remember the exact moment when I crossed the line, and I believe I mentioned to someone, “Yup — I just now crossed the line.”

Clint and Carolyn dance to Voltaire 1

It was a bad place, like Chad’s party 2 or 3 weekends ago with the Apple-Tini that resulted in me passing out on the concrete outside amidst the snow-covered ground. Not a pretty site. Or was it like Carolyn’s birthday party last weekened, when people didn’t leave (and drinking didn’t stop) until 9PM the next day (sure, everyone slept for 4 or 5 hours but that didn’t do too much). I’d never had a hangover that bad two days after the party.

Either way, for someone who usually gets no more than 2 hangovers a year, having 3 within a month is an eighteen-fold increase. Not acceptible.

I actually had to not go to work the next day. Since my vacation leave is paid out when you leave my company, these decreases that leave by 8 hours, essentially costing me something like $240 in missed income. All that for the ‘good deal’ of a $3.50 open bar. I don’t think I’m going to fall for that ever again.

Anyway, I passed out on some chair and was later woken up by the staff and told I can’t do that. I got up and talked for a bit, but did need to take a leak after waking up, and made my way to the bathroom where I then decided to hide. I don’t know that I fell asleep there but it was fuzzy, reminding me of an incident in Lee Hall at Virginia Tech in early 1993 with Greg & Wayne & Shehab & Ryan (& Brent?).

My theory is that the staff wised up that I was basically hiding from them, so they contacted Carolyn and said she had to find me and leave. Of course I did not know we were actually kicked out until the next day. Carolyn said it was a good thing though, because this happened right at our “cut off time” to go home, but everyone had lost track of time, so this caused us not to stay too late.

Clint and Carolyn dance to Voltaire 2

Still though, I’ve since found out Nation has a ‘drunk room’ they put people in, so why the fuck would they not just put me there? I’m so fucking sick of the public and all the rules it has. Even in a fucking goth club that’s 99% empty you can’t escape someone else’s control; it really just ruins the feeling of freedom that I try to enjoy having. (You know… Being an American?)

At least it was fun while it lasted, but honestly I think I would have preferred to stay home and watch Smallville. Except it was suspiciously a re-run this week (they must have known it was Carolyn’s birthday!), so I can’t use that excuse. I would have definitely had more fun if I hadn’t drinken at all. And I haven’t drank since. And I have near-zero desire to do so. Even the cigarettes are seeming grosser than before.

I talked in person to John The Canadien yesterday (we went to the Moistboyz concert together) in some depth because he had had similar experiences and in getting kicked out of Nation I have joined his ranks. :)
Anyway… To everybody: Never put alcohol in my hand ever again. I’ll decide when I drink on my own terms. I can’t really get drunk; at N-1 beers I am buzzed, and at N beers I am passing out. I think I have to accept I wont really get ‘drunk’ again, those days are over. I’ll have to drink like Frasier & Niles Crane do on the Frasier show: Come home, get a glass of wine or a shot of sherry, and just stop at one. (I’m kidding about the sherry, but I do prefer shots and wine to beer.)

Actually I know if I start drinking early, like 4PM, I don’t lose my energy and pass out, and can nurse them slowly-but-steadily enough to be somewhat drunk. But I have to do it slowly over an 8-hour period.

Anyway, I am very glad everyone else had fun. The weirdest part for me was actually the guy with the weird lines drawn out of the corner of his mouth asking me if I knew anything about “The 13th Castle” which apparantly is some group of “Lycam” which he told me means werewolves. Ok, whatever goth boy.
Sam Chung’s recount was much more optimistic than mine, boy I would love to trade viewpoints:

Good times all around!

Some of my best memories from the night include:

Never Let Me Down Again – DM

The girl with the black tank who ultimately made it worth it just to come out. *drool*

Realizing Jay the bartender has been serving me since 1991, Christian even longer. I probably contributed a hefty portion to his retirement.

I felt bad for dragging Evan off the dance floor as he was surrounded by eye candy but that was a sight to see also.

Talking to Clint through the bathroom stall [note: I was hiding from the people trying to kick me out, not shitting or puking -Clint], making sure he’s alright and informing him we are about to go then realizing I was talking at the wrong stall. Whoever was in there was probably freaking out… *HA

and best of all,
Dancing to Voltaire [song: “Ex-Lover’s Lover” -Clint] which we got Stephen the DJ to play for us in the front room. Seeing Carolyn light up when she realized what song it was. A couple of photos of you guys dancing actually came out horribly but whatever. They are attached.