I dropped my wallet in the bathroom at work.

In 10 minutes, it was gone.

I haven’t even gotten all my fucking replacement cards from the last time it was stolen!

That’s it.   Any honesty that I have is rapidly eroding away.  At this point, if I find someone’s wallet, I’m going to take the cash.  I don’t care about taking the moral high ground anymore.  I returned 2 wallets in my life.  I’ve lost 3.  NONE of mine came back.

Hello?  Humanity?  If you don’t help me, I’m not going to help you.

Any cash I see laying anywhere is mine.  You owe me $550.  I don’t care who I have to fuck over, I’m getting my money back, even if I have to steal out of fucking charity jars.

I have no faith in humanity. You can all die of cancer and burn in hell for eternity.

UPDATE:  It was returned 2 months later by a coworker who found it inside an Allsteel #19 chair.