So I get a call from Dr. Pell's bitch-receptionist, who I've thought was a rude bitch since the first time I spoke to her.

They have my biopsy results, and they want to schedule me to come in to go over the results.

Again…… What..The..Fuck?  Is everybody on the planet hellbent on making me spend as much of my money as possible?  I smell a scam.

I asked for clarification: "Is he going to be examining me or performing something on me, or is this just to give me information?"

No — It's just to give me information.

I told her, "It's my information, and I have a right to see it under the HIPPA act, so just send it to me."

She said there might not be things I understand in it.  Well, maybe before I miss work for an hour, losing 5 times the wages that my copay would be, I'd like to take a gander myself and see if I can interpret the results.  I have a brain, and I have google.  And under the HIPPA act it would probably be cheaper for me to pay 50 cents a page, take it on down to Kaiser-Permanente, and let them deal with it and tell me if I have cancer.

So I told her, "Under HIPPA act I have a right to my own results."

She very quickly and rudely said "fine and have a nice day" and hung up on me.

That's Dr. Pell, of Alexandria.  His hands seemed to shake a lot during my surgery, but it was successful.  Having to deal with his bitchy receptionist though?  I'll go elsewhere if I ever have a chance.

I'm sick of being herded like a sheep from one money pit to the next.  Maybe I don't do things the way everybody else does.  Maybe I practice my freedom more.  That doesn't make me bad, and that shouldn't make me a target of rudeness.   In fact, it increases my wealth by keeping me from falling into the money pits that most "normal" people do.

UPDATE: The next day, Dr. Pell called me and informed me that it was just "the basic cyst that forms at the bottom of a tooth".  Something to that effect.  Anyway, I got the bit of information I care about:  Cancer=0, not 1.  I had to wait about 20 hours more to find this out, but I saved way more than $20!  Score one for standing up for yourself.