HAHA! I gave you the opposite of what you wanted! Pwned!

[link] It has come to my attention, via blog statistics, that if you use the search engine on (and many other search engines) to search for “drunk teens shitting photos”, this blog is the 6th result (sometimes higher, sometimes lower).

You see, has incoming link blog statistics, and search term blog statistics. People looking for all kinds of weird stuff to get here. I’m scared to mention specifics because it will affect the search engines to increase the match score with this blog even further. But “Justice League porn” is a common search term that gets somebody to my blog daily. I have no idea how.

So anyway, if you search for “Drunk Teens Shitting photos”, the 6th link goes into this blog. Into the “images” tag.delme-ladies-eating-2.jpg

Thank you wordpress for losing the part where I explained how it happend. But basically “drunk” and “shitting” came from a blog with pictures on a night I was drunk. “Teen” came from a blog with pictures of Aqua Teen Hunger Force characters. And “photos” from the description of the category of the blog page (duh). Some search engines are really fucking stupid!

Best of all is that I beat “Apocalypse Now |”. IN YOUR FACE!! PWNED WITHOUT THE PWNER EVEN KNOWING IT!!

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