Recently at Carolyn’s 30th Birthday party, a handful of us reminisced about the “We Have No Balls Story”.  A number of years ago, maybe even a decade ago, we were driving to Ocean City, Maryland when we passed a gas station with a marquee sign that proudly proclaimed:


“Wouldn’t it be funny if the S and the W fell off?” someone asked (I believe it was Jeremy Turner).

Well, a few days later, on our way back we used team work to facilitate that exact scenario.  A couple of people went inside the gas station to serve as a distraction.  If I recall correctly, the diversion featured Clint inquiring why Ho Hos were in the same aisle as a seemingly unrelated product.  Meanwhile the others were outside trying to figure out a way to knock off the S and the W.  It turned out that task was quite easy.  Laying next to the sign was a long, metal pole …made especially for marquee letter management!  When we all met back in the car, the sign was modified:


“It looks like they are trying to emphasize the ‘NO’ because it is on its own line!” Chad pointed out as we all laughed.

We drove back and forth by the gas station a couple of times to admire our work.

(above full text reposted from Vicky)

I helped distract the guy inside while they mangled the letters.  I went up to him, walked to the oppositte side of the store so he’d be facing away, and started asking him annoying questions about the ingredients of all the food there.

Good times.

Thanks for reminding me of this anecdote, Vicky!