May 2006

What a crazy weekend full of parties.  Friday night was chill, but Saturday we went to Jason & Anna’s 2nd Annual Memorial Weekend bash.  It was pretty fun, and Jason didn’t quite make it through the night unscathed :)  We crashed there, and awoke to the loud clanging of cleaning. 

Jason & Anna's party

Then after a couple hours we headed on over to Eli’s place for his “recovery BBQ”.  That was cool too, and we got to play guitar hero and eat bacon-wrapped shrimp!!  We couldn’t stay the full party because we had a party of our own to host.  So we left and got home around 6PM.

 I was exhausted, and just laid down for a few minutes, but could only afford to do so for about 15 minutes.  We had to rush to prepare for our party, with the first guest arriving before 8PM.  Hardly anyone came until 9:30PM or so anyway, at which point the party became decently packed.  We didn’t invite as huge of a list as normal, a lot of guys were too wasted to show up, a few unexpected girls showed up, Clint & Carolyn's partyand I daresay it was a 50%-or-better ratio.  Best…Ratio…Evar.

Pictures are at  Specifically, Jason & Anna’s party is HERE, and our party is HERE.

Saturday night ended with a couple people getting in a fight, and I had the brand-new experience of breaking up a fight, something I’ve never done before.  Let alone at my own party.  Let alone in my own bedroom

 Some people just don’t respect the sanctity of people’s bedrooms.  Given that this same person went out and pissed in my yard — NOT during a party — rather than use the bathroom like a proper civilized individual, I somehow suspect that I should have realized something was wrong with said person earlier.  I had also previously asked that he not be brought over.

Oh, the drama!

But there were other really fun things happening during the party.  Cool things.  Hot things.  Stuff that doesn’t suck.  Yes.

Finally, I crashed — last of everyone who was still there — after watching the episode of American Dad that I fell asleep during.  Around 4:30AM.  Got up the next morning and we headed to Shannon & Christian’s BBQ.  It was pretty chill, and I saw everyone who didn’t bother to show up at my party the day before.  And they heard about it ;)

We left early around 6:15PM, because we had to go home and clean our house some for the county inspection we had tuesday.

Ever since the party, our place has been plagued with the smell of death.  If anyone knows what it could be, please let us know.  It’s smelled like a rotting dead corpse ever since the party.  Sick.

UPDATE: 1/24/2007: Another party with another fight. Read about it here:

This is a repost. I did not write this. The original writer is anonymous.

TOP SECRET FACT:Most modern cars have tracking transponders! While you drive on highways. Wires in the road and 14 feet above, work fine and log your car movement.  Read on for more.


Jesus. Apple starts a class action suit using a guy's name as the main plaintiff without his permission. Now, he is asking to be removed from the suit, and they are essentially suing him.

So now we have it: Lawyers suing their own "clientele".

Here is the contact info for the shysters: []

Phone numbers
866.827.6537 Toll Free
614.224.6000 Local
614.224.6066 Fax

The Arena District
401 North Front Street
Suite 350
Columbus, Ohio 43215

If you wait outside their offices, you might even be able to say "Hi" to them and have a conversation about the case.
What's that? You don't know what they look like? Sure you do.
David P. Meyer, principal []
Marnie C. Lambert, Associate Attorney [] Possible home address [] Possible home phone: (614) 469-1400
Patrick G. Warner, Associate Attorney []
Shelly J. Coffman, consumer claims investigator []

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Just thought I'd share.

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I'm sorry to call him a retard, but I'm trying to call attention to the seriousness of the situation here. 

New Orleans Police shot and killed a mentally disabled man six days after Katrina struck.  They claimed he reached into his waistband so they shot him.  This was a lie. Autopsy results revealed he was shot in the back.

The police were called to the scene to stop violence.  Why?  To protect innocents from being hurt.  What did they do?  They hurt an innocent.  If they cannot perform their job, they do not deserve it.  They deserve jail time.

Meanwhile, everyone here in Fairfax County is supposed to be all sad that 2 officers were shot.  Wah wah.  There was a funeral procession that created traffic jams and everything.  Was there a funeral procession when the Fairfax County SWAT team raided the wrong address and killed an innocent optometrist?  Hell no.

So basically, we're being told (manipulated?) to be more sad when a cop dies in the line of duty — a known risk — than we are when a cop does the very oppositte of his job and kills an innocent.  I personally think a cop killing an innocent is 100 times worse than a criminal killing an innocent.  The criminal was acting in his own nature and will face justice (in theory).  The cop is acting against his job description and will get away with it (always).

I invite any reader to follow-up on this case months from now to see if there was any resolution whatsoever.  I would guess no.

In America, being mentally disabled is a crime punishable by summary execution.  Just ask the guy who was shot in the airport tarmac while his wife screamed, "He's bi-polar, he didn't take his medication!".  His crime?  Not being mentally competent enough to realize that he needed to follow their instructions.  Did they shoot to disable?  No, they shot to kill.  As usual.

You really think we're that different from other oppressive regimes around the world?  We're just more precise, that's all.

Holllllllllllllllllllllllllly shit… My wallet lost on 3/27 was returned to me today at work!

Now, I really would have preferred my wallet with $500 being returned, compared to my wallet with $71.  But still, it's nice to have something go right for a change.  Of course, everyone made me go give the girl $10 for finding it.

So, it was in a chair.  In the conference room.  Where we had all been instructed to move our chairs last week.  In fact, it may have been inside the chair that I sat on while I worked all day.

If that is the case……… Then I went through all kinds of hell to replace a wallet that was six inches from my ass, 40 hours a week.  I hope that's not the case but I wouldn't put it past myself.

Basically, I had to cut up all the cards inside of it. But at least I have a building access badge again.

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