delme-lady-liberty-flicking-us-off.jpgI’ve downloaded most of these on bittorrent (mininova) and already watched them…. and many, many more. However, I feel compelled to share a review of some of these videos, and a list of other videos. Most of these can probably be found on MiniNova, YouTube, or Google Video. I would encourage people to use MinoNova and BitTorrent so that they possess a copy on their own harddrive. External sources can always be censored and taken down. Get your own copy on your own computer.

Because so many people are visiting this posting everyday: I’ve added more titles (in no particular order) to the bottom [edit:8/9/2006]

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delme-loose-change.jpgThe most interesting thing about the Google Video top 100 has been Loose Change [get it on MiniNova HERE]. For weeks it has been the only full length film that isn’t short a very short titillation clip (eg Webcam Girls Go Wild) or dubious humour clips (eg funny clips baby fart) that has been in the top 20.

Loose Change is the most popular 9/11 “conspiracy theory” film, no doubt due to its slick graphics, soundtrack and editing — for an amateur movie it is impressive. However it’s not the most accurate movie of its type — see the discussion on indybay [] and the detailed Sifting Through Loose Change The 9-11 Research Companion [].

Read on for a brief guide to some other 9/11 videos that deserve more attention…

9/11 Revisited: Were explosives used to bring down the buildings? (2006)

This is currently, probably, the best 9/11 video that challenges the official conspiracy theory.

9/11 Revisited concentrates on the collapse of the three World Trade Center buildings and includes news reports from the day and interviews with experts including Steven E Jones [], David Ray Griffin [] and Jeff King. It is available to view online [] and via Google Video [] and the Internet Archive [].

9/11 Breaking the Laws of Physics (2006)

This is a lecture from 2006 by BYU Physics Professor Steven E Jones [] on the collapse of the WTC buildings on 9/11. It is available from the Internet Archive []. The academic paper this presentation is based on is Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Collapse? [].

The 9/11 Commission Report (2004)

This is a lecture by David Ray Griffin [] — professor emeritus of philosophy of religion and theology, at the Claremont School of Theology in Claremont, California. He has written many books including The New Pearl Harbor [] and The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions [] on the official 9/11 Report. This lecture is available from theInternet Archive [].

9-11 Open Your Eyes the War on Terror is a Lie (2004)

Filmed at the 9/11 International Inquiry (Toronto, May 2004) Open Your Eyes is available on the Internet Archive [].

Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime (2006)

This new film covers the links between the US adminstration, the Republician Party and drugs running and the 9/11 hijackers, it is available on Google Video [] and there are higher quality versions on 911 blogger [], the official film site is []

War and Globalization – The Truth Behind September 11 (2003)

Politically this is the best video on 9/11.

War and Globalization is a lecture, from 2003 by Michel Chossudovsky [], a professor of economics at the University of Ottawa. Michel Chossudovsky is the founder of the Centre for Research on Globalization, the organisation behind Global Research [] an extensive website dedicated to exposing the true nature of globalisation. This video is a covers 9/11, oil and war, it is based on his book, America’s “War on Terrorism” []. Despite being almost three years old it is especially pertinent today with the looming threat of war with Iran. Links to other texts by Michel Chossudovsky can be found on the Peoples’ Global Action web site [].

This video is available on Google Video [] and on DVD from Snowshoe Films [].

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Another anonymous coward added:

You forgot to mention “Martial Law 9/11: Rise of the Police State” 1605341661 []
Perhaps the most powerful 911 documentary to date.

And I want to add my own list of videos I’ve watched about The 9/11 Lie:

The Truth And Lies Of 911 (2h20m) (Updated 2004)

Michael Ruppert – Denial Stops Here (2h2m4s) (post-oil societal changes, sept 11th, etc)

911 – The Greatest Lie Ever Sold (Anthony J Hilder) (2004) (2h06m01s)

911 Eyewitness (1h44m40s)

Illlumi Nazi 911 (WWIII Bush Hitler Illuminati Enslavement) (2005)

lecture – War & Globalization – The Truth Behind September 11 (1hr56m)

The Great Conspiracy – The 911 Special You Never Saw (Barrie Zwicker) (1hr10s)

911 In Plane Sight (52m36s)

911 – The Plane That Fought Back (1hr14m)

911 – The Man Who Predicted 911 (History Channel) (44m19s) (2005)

911 – ABC Coverage On-911 — full 6 hrs of ABC live as it was happening

911 – The Great Illusion By George Humphrey (warning–spiritual) (1h52m20s)

911 – September 11th Revisited (best news clips–entire first half) (59m41s)

911 – September 11 – Evidence To The Contrary (REDUX) (2006) (1hr26m24s)

David Ray Griffin – 911 & The American Empire (20050418) (University Of Wisconsin)

David Ray Griffen – Truth & Politics – Unanswered Questions About 911 (20041003)

911 – End Game Of The Illuminati (George Humphrey) (2hrs) (warning–spiritual)

911 – David Shayler (MI5) (19m4s)

The Convenience Of 9-11 (21min) (Finnish)

911-WTC Demolition Analysis-What’s The Truth- How Indeed Did The Twin Towers Collapse (1h26m29s)

911 – Painful Deceptions (2hrs)

911 – whistleblower Richard Andrew Grove (2h5m)

911 Was Inside Job – interview with Egyptian General Muhammad Khalaf (subbed) (2005)

911 – Ryan – Q&A (15m10s) (mono).mp3

The Secret Evil Of 911 (19m45s).wmv

911 – The 757 And The Pentagon – CNN footage where THERE IS NO PLANE (1min).wmv – this is great because they have a CNN correspondent AT the Pentagon WHILE it was still on fire, saying that he sees no plane or anything resembling a plane anywhere. Oh it vaporized? Hate to tell you this, but engines of a 747 are 9 feet wide and made out of titanium. They are designed to have fuel constantly burning in them; they would not vaporize. Where were they?

There is also a “911 truth cd-rom” that attempts to cram as much as possible into the cd. There is a DVD-Rom version of that too.

Finally, try simply searching for ‘911’ on, and arranging the results by order of seeds (more seeds = faster downloads, zero seeds = can’t download anymore):



Here’s what the video SHOULD have looked like:

911 - Pentagon - simulation of how the Pentagon video SHOULD have looked like.gif

Instead, here is what we got:

11 - Pentagon - official video.gif