So, camping went well this weekend.  We actually had 9 people, maybe a bit more than average.  There were 11 total, but Jesselanie (Jesse + Melanie) did not stay for the night.  Pictures of the trip are HERESomething strange happened in that this was the camping trip with the least food per person ever.  Brent in particular was not happy that there were not smores — but it was amazing that Brent was there at all!  We actually ran out of food during the night, but in the morning we realized Carolyn had four cans of food in her backpack.  So we ate a can of split pea & ham soup for breakfast.  Several people chose to skip breakfast, which I could not personally fathom.  Everyone got wasted, and me & Mark jousted some (See pictures).

Fast forward to this morning…. my power went out at 7:00AM, resetting all the clocks, but making the UPS units beep.  Since I was sleeping on the couch in order to fix my back, that woke me up.  So I got a 30-minute head start that morning.  Did I get to work any earlier than usual?  Maybe 5 or 10 minutes, because I got a fucking traffic ticket on my way there.

It was for blocking an intersection.  I had my papers laid out and was looking for my registration, and he said “Is that an old registration?”  I said, “Yes”, and he said “That’s okay” and walked away.   Then I found my registration.

Then he told me he’s giving me a warning for blocking the intersection, and gave me a ticket for not having a registration instead.   I told him “but I do have my registration” (I mean — I didn’t know it was a gameshow with a fucking time limit).  He was like “Well, I could change it to a ticket for blocking the intersection, but that’s a moving violation and will make your insurance go up.  You can go to court and they should throw this out.” 

Gee, thanks Officer M. Rihl, badge #1298.  Thanks for doing me the “favor” of making me have to go to the courthouse to say, “Yes I had my fucking registration”.  Of course the court date is the day we go to Assateauge so I’ll have to move it or something.

I was damn tempted to make him give me the moving violation instead.  I would almost rather lose money over something I did, than have a non-moving violation that is simply not true.  (UPDATE: Ticket was ultimately dropped, but I had to make an appearance at the courthouse to do this.  Fortunately it was a 3 minute walk from work.)

At least, at home, the corpse smell is pretty much gone.  It still smells weird.  You might even characterize it as bad.  It’s definitely musty, and not pleasant.  But it doesn’t smell like a rotting dead animal anymore.  I guess, after nearly 4 weeks, the worms got to it–whatever it was.  Maybe if we closed the floor back up, the musty smell would go away.  But our attitude was that, by opening the floor, we would expose more elements indirectly to whatever it was, helping it to decompose faster.

There also seems to be a new breed of baby flies, so maybe maggots did indeed find the corpse, lay eggs, and have another generation.  Good for them.  They deserve a few days of life (before I swat them to death) in exchange for ridding our house of the corpse smell.

At one point, I mistook the VNC mouse pointer (a tiny square) as a fly on my screen and started to lunge for the swatter, before I realized it was in the computer, not on the computer screen.

Killing flies is fun.