rotting corpseWell, I would say the corpse smell is still lingering. Maybe we need to close up the floorboards, now that the smell is only 5% of what it once was. My friend Greg Z stopped by, and I asked him to take an objective smell of the place when he walked into the door; but he didn’t smell anything. Of course, we had just burned a candle so that probably helped.

bad back painI’ve been sleeping on the couch to try to fix my back — for about 2 weeks now. But last night, I slept 10 hours (I usually sleep no more than 5.5). And the couch killed my back. I have not had a good back any day out of the last 6 weeks. I’m really not used to this crap.

But anyway, during my long 10-hour sleep, I had some crazy dreams. As did Carolyn, who apparantly dreamed that our friend Angel (link to her blog in sidebar) vomited on her.

nuclear bomb

So in my dream, there was a nuclear war. I’ve had this happen many times in dreams. I was in total terror when it all started. But I guess it was pretty minor, because we all survived. I think I woke up in terror, but once I realized it wasn’t true, I happily went back to the dream because it was interesting and I wanted to see what happened next. I actually woke up twice and went back into the dream twice. I can do that at will, it seems, if I remember the dream. (Note: I only remember a dream once every 2 months or so.)

So, there was this crazy nuclear war, and we all went to some bomb shelter (Which doesn’t make sense, because the bombs went off already. It was more of a fallout shelter than a bomb shelter). It was basically a cave with glass doors. I was there with Mom, Dad, and Britt (my sister). But Carolyn wasn’t there. We got separated somehow.

Our separation may stem from anxiety I have over the phone system at her employer. They turn their phones off at 5PM, despite keeping people employed there until 5:30PM or 6PM. What this means is that, if Carolyn’s cell phone service is disrupted, there is no possible way to contact her in an emergency. That sucks. Of course, I don’t even carry a cellphone, but I spend all my time next to land lines (or other people’s cell phones) anyway. I’ve been tempted to send an anonymous email to the president of her company complaining about the situation.

Anyway, since the fallout shelter had glass doors, we could see out them. There was still traffic filling up I-95, going in both directions. Which also makes sense, because D.C. would be the obvious nuke target, and who the hell would be going in that direction? (Other than the stars of the film The Sum Of All Fears.)

So anyway, my dad & I go out in his truck, to look for Carolyn. Day changes to night and night change back to day again, rather inexpicably. During the night, we are driving through a neighborhood that seems vaguely famliar, yet I can’t quite place it. For some reason, a couch is in the back of his truck. We pass a house that has a much nicer couch in their yard. We quickly scramble to trade couches, leaving the house with the worse couch. What relevance any of this has is beyond me. I think we were just like, “Hey! Free couch!“.

Finally we get to the other fallout shelter, and I run in screaming “Carolyn!” at the top of my lungs trying to find her. But when I do find her, she doesn’t remember who I am. And I can’t remember what happens after that.

I am suddenly very much reminded of NoMeansNo lyrics from the song “Lost” from The Worldhood Of The World (As Such):

The All Clear sounds but the streets are deserted
We sit in shelters with out eyes averted
I searched for your face amoung those who remained
But they were
All the Same

And later in the same song:

I go to work everyday
Come home and watch the news
What chance did we have, I think
Just us two?
In the Occupied Zone there’s nowhere to hide
Missiles with eyes search for all who survive
I couldn’t get through at all
Still I called and called and called
Lost! (keep screaming “Lost” til the end of the song…)

I really wish NoMeansNo would come closer than Philadelphia, PA, during their current tour. ):