"The Georgia Institute of Technology has completed a prototype device that cab block digital cameras. The system looks for the shape & reflectivity of a digital camera, saturating it with a beam of white light. They are expected to be used to protect areas such as government buildings, trade shows, and defeating video copying in theaters. The countermeasure: film."

Remember: Technology is an efficient enabler, but an even more efficient oppressor.

delme-brutality.jpgThink about Rodney King? The man had unnecessary force used against him in an extremely obvious way. Of course, all the officers involved still basically got away with it, and the L.A. Riots were completely justified. (None of the 2,000 people that were injured, or 40 people who were killed were justified.  But large scale civil unrest and general property damage was.  The system failed and there was no other recourse.  They moved the trial to an affluent town, and had a trial that was all white except for 1 Latino and 1 Asian.)

But think about police abuse, and the abuse of the state in general. Think about Tiananmen Square in China. Think about Guantanimo, and especially think about Abu Ghraib.

Do you think we would even know about such abuses, if CameraBusting technology was ubiquitous? Hell no. Just like most of China's citizens do not know about Tiananmen Square, most Americans would not know about Rodney King. Nobody would know about Abu Ghraib. (Which I admit I can't spell.)  Inverse surveillance may become impossible.

Technology is good. The advent of digital cameras, camera phones, camcorders, and all that jazz are a "check & balance", by the people, against their government. We are living in a rare time in which we have tools that can actually be used to "fight the power", and "catch corruption in the act".

It wont be long before this rare opportunity is over.  Once they perfect this type of technology, good luck capturing abuse.  Good luck knowing what is really happening.  We are being presented with a rare opportunity to change society, and that opportunity will soon be gone.

Imagine the police being able to beat anyone in broad daylight, knowing that it would be impossible to be filmed. Far-fetched? Only if you lack imagination. Technology is moving at what seems like an exponential rate, and I fear things are only going to get worse. 

I've personally been assaulted by an officer (strict legal definition: I was forcefully pushed away from a scene I was a witness to; I absolutely had business being there), have had a friend (age 16 at the time) had his head slammed repeatedly into a closed police car door while they shout "get in the car" (kinda impossible if the door isn't open), have had a gun pointed at my head for trying to ask directions, have had an officer give me a ticket for something he knows I didn't do, and have had a friend lose his car due to police testilying in court.

Were the Cyberpunk visionaries really that far off?

P.S. I've added this to my 'censorship' category because this is a form of censoring dissenting voices by depriving them of the evidence they need to support what they need to say.