So, Katrina looters get 15 years in prison for looting 27 bottles of liquor and wine, six cases of beer, and one case of wine coolers. Now assuming this is good, $30/bottle tequilla, multiplied by 27, = $810, and 6 cases of beer at $10/each = $60, and the wine coolers = $20, we are talking about $890 worth of items.

That’s bad. But 15 years for 3 people? That’s 45 total years of incarceration. At an approximate cost of $30,000/yr, this means us taxpayers will have to pay $1,350,000 to “send a message setting an example”.

We call the Saudis barbaric for cutting the hands off of thieves. I am against the practice. But one has to wonder: Are we really any better? That $1,350,000 of taxpayer money could go to save lives. The damage done by taking away $1,350,000 from lifesaving services could very well be much greater than the damage of having 3 people’s hands cut off.

While I am against the Saudi practice, the American way is arguably much worse for humanity as a whole. It’s also spending 1516 times more money punishing them than how much they stole. That is, $1,350,00 dividied by $890 is 1516.

Isn’t justice grand?

Isn’t it good that our society is doing such a good job protecting us?

(Not that they were anywhere to be found during Katrina.)

This is so harsh that I must classify this as an abuse of authority. Stealing beer when society has completely crumbled is not worth spending 1516 times the cost of the crime on imprisoning them. Is it any wonder that the national debt is $120,000 per family? Why, 11 more families just inherited a $120,000 debt to pay for 3 thieves stealing beer.

People: These emotional responses to problems need to stop. Everyone needs to take a step back and take an impartial look at our justice system; it is an abject failure.