Springfield Roofing sucks! Avoid wasting your time with them!

If you need roofing repair, especially emergency roof repair, I would simply recommend that you avoid calling Springfield Roofing (703-354-3229) (located in Springfield, VA).

I called Springfield Roofing on June 26th, 2006, and spoke with someone there about my emergency roof repair needs. They told me that someone would come by that day, look at the damage, and that an estimator would call me on June 27th.

On June 27th, 2006, I received no such call. They never did call me.

After going on a vacation, I came back to Virginia on July 5th, 2006, and called their receptionist. She said the estimator for my address was “Jerome”, and that I would need to call Jerome’s cell phone number in order to ask Jerome about the estimate.

So I call Jerome, and he just seems incredulous and snobby about the whole thing. “We got a lot of jobs.” He had no recollection of my address, or of talking to me. (And I didn’t know I needed to be taking names, so I’m not sure that it was him I spoke to either.)

So apparently this company runs its business leads really shittily — they have people talk to potential customers without knowing who is talking to who. They have no way to track business leads and they don’t even know what their own people are doing.

Of course, there was no estimate ready for me. Jerome even said that they don’t go to people’s houses to assess damage without the person being there to receive them. That is different than what I was told on the phone.

Inconsistent, Inconsiderate, and Unreliable: Springfield Roofing.