So I finally sorta-kinda told my co-worker to shut up.  She started talking to me about something, God knows what — she tangented about 5 times without ever closing anything she said.  Listening to her talk is like reading a page full of left parenthesis without any closing parens.

Anyway, I said, “I have no idea what you’re talking about, you just tangented like five times”.  And then she tried to start over, and I simply said: “Actually, I kinda just wanna eat right now.”  She apologized, left the cube, and made weird noises with her throat.  She always does this; even when her mouth is closed and she has nothing to say, her voicebox still makes noises after most of her points.  It’s as if her ability to talk on end is a curse that she has to physically hold at bay.

It’s damn scary to see.  It’s like “even when you’re shutting up, your throat is still making noise!”

And… she just got a white noise machine.  Because the door creaked one day.  Uggggh.

Will she ever get the hint that she talks too much?

(And yes, I realize this is coming from me, and that *I* talk a lot.. but.. Nobody can keep up with this woman. Nobody.)