Thursday, July 13th, 2006

Bloomberg Article HERE.

NSA asked AT&T to help set up domestic call monitoring 7 months before September 11th!  (This is according to the lawyers who are suing AT&T.)

Remember, the Bush administration asserted that this became necessary after 9/11.  If you still don’t think Bush is an evil liar, wake up. :)

More than 30 suits have been filed over claims that the phone carriers violated the privacy rights of their customers.

Just read the article.  It’s disgusting.

“Could it be that they were intending to monitor domestic calls (and internet traffic) all along, and the ‘Global War on Terror’ was just a convenient excuse when they got caught?”

routerCNet is reporting that the FBI is pushing for legislation to allow law enforcement officials free access to networking gear via built in backdoors for eavesdropping.

So, if you have a router, a switch, a hub, a DSL modem, or anything along those lines, the FBI wants to mandate that a backdoor be built into it, so that they can silently bypass any security you may have and snoop in to whatever you are doing.

It also has a clause where they no longer have to disclose how many conversations they are intercepting.

You thought spyware was bad…  Howabout spyhardware?  Mandated by the government?  In your house.  Connected to your computer.

It’s looking more and more like Soviet Russia every day.

Of course, the inevitable will also happen:  Criminals, black-hat hackers, and identity thieves will undoubtly find these exploits, and use them to bilk people out of their life savings and/or interfere with people in other annoying ways.  This happened in Greece already.  In 2004 some of the highest-ranking politicians in Greece had their cell phone conversations secretly recorded by unknown persons … for months.  This could not have been pulled off without the presence of automated wire-tapping functionality built into the Ericsson networking switches used in Greece.

Then, the government will join in as well, attacking dissidents, activists, and anyone else they feel like, all the while being able to easily scapegoat the criminals and identity thieves.  (“I didn’t do it!  Butt-head did it!”) 

Not that the FBI can even manage their own security.

Let freedom ping?