delme-mp3-player-cowan-iaudio-x5.jpgSo……… Carolyn got an mp3 player!   NOT an iPod.

Why? I got annoyed at how she doesn’t know the titles of songs we’ve been listening to for years, and doesn’t learn the new albums (that I learn in a month) in 6 months.  So, we got an mp3 player for her. 

At first, we were going to get a 4gig model, and were checking the prices.  Pretty expensive.  A 4G IPOD was like $180!  We soon realized that for $220 or so, only a mere $40 more, we could get 20G on a non-IPOD brand.

And it’s well known that IPODs get scratched-up screens, and after a couple years you have to replace the battery, which involves mailing your IPOD back to Apple, paying $70, and hoping they don’t accidentally mess up your music collection.  The one we got, Cowan iAudio X5, has a battery you can replace yourself (or so I hear).

It was only $220 or so, but it ended updelme-mp3-player-cowan-iaudio-x5.jpg being $300 counting tax, shipping, and a $60 2-yr replacement contract.

Anyway………… it’s pretty cool. 

Things you can’t do on an IPOD, but can do on this:

  • listen to FM radio
  • record audio/voice notes
  • display lyrics for songs
  • software to assign lyrics to songs automatically
  • software to, for popular songs, assign lyrics+timing (.LRC files), so that the lyrics display as they are sung, kind of like the party setup i have on my computer. 
  • play XVID video (Well, IPODs can do this, but it’s like $100 more for the video IPODs, or something to that effect)

And since we have already used EvilLyricsat home to create lyrics+timing displays (.KAS files), we investigated, downloaded, and tried out a .KAS to .LRC converter.. and before we knew it.. We had converted a Celtic Frost .KAS to .LRC, put it on her player, assigned it to the song on her player, and we had Celtic Frost songs playing on her mp3 player with the lyrics displayed as they are sung.

Also, she will use this in her car too, even though we both have the Aiwa CDC-MP3 mp3-cdr player.  But our CDRs are a bit skippy, and the portable player has fewer moving parts.

It’s awesome.  And totally better than the IPODs people have.