Tuesday, August 8th, 2006

Did I do the title right?Chatty Cathy

Anyway, I just want to profess my undying gratitude to whatever forces rule the cosmos in exchange for making my chatty co-worker resign and leave.

Today was her last day, and she left five seconds ago, and already a weight has been lifted. I dreaded talking to her so much that I actually put off saying any good-byes until she was basically walking out the door.

The sad thing is, I have been in her situation before. I have been the co-worker that everyone else couldn’t stand — though my offense was not talking, but rocking the boat. I tried to get a system fixed by exposing flaws to management so they would fix it, instead everyone else resisted me and I left the job. Six months later the system was completely dismantled and most of them were out of a job. They should have listened to me while they had the chance.

But anyway, I can’t help but feel some guilt for feeling the same way about a co-worker of mine.

But I swear… She was sick. She had a sickness. A sick sickness of talking. Talking way too much. Even when she was done talking, her larynx would continue to make a noise in her throat. Ask me in person sometime. It was like she was Cyclops of the X-Men, and could barely hold back her powers without protective gear (thanks for the metaphor, Dave Oranchak).

Anyway… I’m so happy now. With my other co-worker on vacation all this week, and my boss typically being 6 miles away, I get to spend the rest of the week alone, speaking with nobody, interacting with nobody. Good. Just the way I like it! Leave me alone and let me do my work.


My response to Cheesiest video ever is here:


I have the actual file on my computer. I was [un?-]pleasantly surprised YouTube had this. Zlad: Electronik Supersonik. Oh my God. What a pile of crap. Do these guys really take themselves seriously? At least have a grammar nazi check out your lyrics, if English is not your first language! I’m ashamed to be a member of the same species as these people.

delme-zlad-2.jpg (more…)