Rove blasts warrantless wiretapping decision:

“Imagine if we could have done that before 9/11. It might have been a different outcome,” he said.

Yeah.  Nice spin Karl.  Unfortunately, Bloomberg is onto you.  Might I direct the user to the legal case of McMurray v. Verizon Communications Inc., 06cv3650, in the Southern District of New York.

The U.S. National Security Agency asked AT&T Inc. to help it set up a domestic call monitoring site seven months before the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, lawyers claimed June 23 in court papers filed in New York federal court.

Original Bloomberg article is HERE.

It’s really hard putting the credibility of a legal team against the credibility of Karl Rove.  But I don’t think someone would start up a court case based on zero evidence.  Everyone seems to sort of know that the scope of NSA wiretapping is more than is stated, because almost everything this administration does is more than is stated.  Unfortunately, common sense isn’t conclusive. 

 But I’m a hell of a lot more likely to believe the NSA was listening in 7 months before 911, than I am to believe anything out of the mouth of Karl Rove. 

Remember, the administration knew attacks were coming.  Perhaps in part because of the wiretaps. 

 Anyone disputing this should know of a memo entitled, “Bin Laden Determined To Attack Inside The United States”, sent by Condi Rice on August 6th, 2001.  You can read a transcript of her saying this on