blog-overlook-2-small.jpgWe had our 2nd annual Assateague Island beach camping trip earlier this month. Although I was recovering from illness and could not drink due to liver testing situation (since resolved fine), I still had a blast!

Pictures of this event are HERE.
Carolyn’s blog post about the trip. The longest and most thorough account: (her post is both about Bethany and Assateague).

Vicky’s blog post about the trip:

Angel’s blog post about the trip:

The Last Woman On Earth

The first 2 days were rather miserable during the day, due to the biting flies (horseflies). They came in droves. It was like being on another planet, one which would be impossible to colonize because of constant bug attacks. They really liked moisture, so my wet jeans (I took a few clothed showers to cool off) had about 20 of them on me at any time. You could spray DEET directly on them and they wouldn’t leave. All five group campsites were completely empty during the 2-day bug attack. I was chose to go to the theatre with Dan and Erin to avoid the bugs. It was slightly less boring than sitting in a bar doing nothing. The movie was Miami Vice, and I give it an anti-recommendation. Don’t bother seeing it unless you have fan-worship of the original series. It’s mostly crap.

There weren’t as many ponies this year either.

The Nature Trail to the overlook was especially beautiful. There was a convenient wooden walkway and everything. Signs posted explaining what the various flora and fauna were. But the hiking was extremely easy due to the walkway. I’ll go down this trail again next year. (We went down it a 2nd time during the night, that was awesome too.)


transforming chairThe chair at the overlook struck us as being the most innovative thing we’ve ever seen that is in the middle of nowhere. More than meets the eye.

Other beautiful things included the many shooting stars we always see there. (Contributing factors: clear skies, hardly any artificial light, and August of course being the month of almost all meteor showers).

Christian attached a blinking LED to a kite which they managed to elevate to around 1,000 feet. Clouds passed in front of it. The other campers were hopefully very confused about this. It was as if we birthed our own star, that only lasted as long as we were camping. Other people were really really really bad about being able to find the blinking light. I swear I was the only one who could consistently find it in 15 seconds. We should have named it.

My glowstick-kite endeavor failed miserably, and I kinda wasted $20 on overpriced glowsticks sold by the rude locals at Assateague Market. (Can I sample that ice cream flavor to see what it tastes like? “No!”) I’ll make sure to try to not go there next year.

Here’s what Sam Chung had to say:

Thanks to Clint and Carolyn for organizing this event.
Thanks to everyone that went that fed me, made me laugh and contributed to this city boy’s weekend roughing it by camping at the beach.

Some fond random memories of the weekend:

‘comb the desert’ when Carolyn was searching for her glowstick that she dropped in the sand and the ensuing conversation about Mel Brooks filmology.

The kite string that created an arc with it’s two glowsticks as points
extending from a sphere that is earth and the ensuing equation that would connect these points.

Kicking out Clint and Evan out of my tent.

The curious horse that investigated our neighboring northside campers.
“they must have doritos in their tents…”

Being ‘stranded’ in the shade surrounded by intensely hot sand because my lack of foresight in needing shoes other than doc martens I had worn to work that Friday. (thanks Heather for use of her flip flops)

The birthday bonfire that almost didn’t happen and the “giga-log.”

The suicidal crab. :(

The description of the view from the hiking trail provided by Vickie who
said the reflection of the bay water looked liked it was covered by snow.


And could I forget “Snakes On A Plane On The Beach”, created by Angel and Ian? In short, yes. But after Angel reminded me, I’m putting it in here. She actually got her FlickR photo linked to from the Washington Post!! So the original photo got well over 1,000 views, maybe several thousand:

Snakse On A Plane On The Beach, by Angel & Ian

And of coure, the video of the making of Snakes On A Plane On The Beach:

Good times, definitely.

nature trail overlook