Not really. It was a dream.

So, it is very rare that I remember dreams…

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But anyway, I had a weird one last night which I have forgotten twice already, so I better put it down before I forget it entirely.

Carolyn (I assume) & I were at some bar in D.C., and since it was a weeknight (already this is a paradoxial situation … and don’t correct me that the word is parodoxical because I’m pretty sure I looked it up and both are acceptable, Joe.)

So, with our standard weeknight bedtime of midnight in full effect, we had decided to leave the bar around 11:45PM to get home and to bed by 12:30-1AMish. I was on my way out of the bar (which didn’t really remind me of anywhere I’ve ever been in real life), when Marilyn Manson kinda grabbed me and… I don’t really remember how… but ended up buying Carolyn & I drinks. They looked like White Russians but I’m really not sure.

Anyway, the dream, like most of my dreams, is a haze of un-connected moments … My dreams are not coherent “plots” that come to “resolutions” but rather just “moments” I experience that are completely inexplicable. Like, for example, how the main room in the bar we were drinking in would, at times, simultaneously be both the bar and my bedroom from my first apartment in Blacksburg during college. I don’t claim to understand.

Anyway, Marilyn Manson kept us up drinking til around 3AM, when we finally really had to go home and go to slepe, so that we could get 2 hrs sleep before work the next day.

I wish there were more details, but this is

The end.