August 2006

Well, we reached a major construction milestone yesterday.

They actually finally cut the hole from one floor to the other, in order to install our new spiral stairs.


Let me just say, it is completely surreal to sit in the same place you’ve sat for 7 years, and when looking up, seeing an upstairs room that you used to have to walk 150-200 feet to get to.


So, after my tirades on LiveJournal about driving, the very thing I complained about happened yet again, the 2nd time this week.

I got flicked off for u-turning on Braddock Rd. The u-turn is the only way I can get to my house; there is an island blocking it from direct left turn. When people beep at me, I quickly do another u-turn, chase them down, and give them a piece of my mind.

I did this with the TW Perry people. The license plate of the vehicle was 82M 844. I will be calling Carol McConaughy, member of their their Marketing Department ( ), at 301-670-2445 just to give her a piece of my mind too.

In looking at this company’s webpage, they clearly care about customer relations. Why they would employ drivers who make a habit of flicking people off is the public relations mystery-of-the-day for me.


So I got a letter in my mailbox Saturday from Kaiser-Permanente basically saying, “Dear Clint: Your liver is fine. The end.”

I wish we hadn’t waited til Sunday to get our Saturday mail, because then I could have had a couple drinks Saturday!

Weekend of PlayStation 2:


Vicky wrote a nice entry about Bethany Beach, where I spent Tuesday night, Wednesday, and Thursday morning, before heading on over to Assateague Island. Her friend Christina also wrote about the trip. I love her title: “My God, it’s full of Sawyers!” Best… Title… Ever… And finally, Carolyn, too, has written up the Bethany/Assateague experience.

I’m not going to bother writing anything myself. Procrastination pays off.

Here are the links:

Carolyn: http://carolyncasl.wordpress/bethany-beach-2006/

Vicky: http://tgaw.wordpress/bethany-beach/

Christina: http://cgeyer.blogspot/my-god-its-full-of-sawyers

Now, I hate dogs.  I have said many times I would gladly push a button to make every dog on the planet die.  Be that as it may, this article greatly disturbs me.

delme-dogkill.jpgThe Chinese government ordered 50,000 dogs killed.  People walking their dogs had their dogs seized and clubbed to death in front of them.  All of them.  All dogs.  All.

Kinda messed up.  Definitely an abuse of authority.

I read an interesting article on today.  It can be found here:

Some highlights:

What do you call a man who lives in the lap of luxury but gives it all up to join the military and travel to a foreign land to fight for what he believes in? 

What do you call an oil company that operates the largest oil field in America?  British.

What do you call a really ticked off leader that has lost control over his empire?

On January 23, 1980, in a state of the union address to America, Carter declared war by claiming the entire Middle East as “vital interest” of the U.S. for which America would do anything to control “by any means necessary, including military force,” Carter proclaimed.

So what do you call the brutal dictator of Iraq who rapes, tortures and murders at will?

One of the things I like about WordPress blogs are the awesome statistics. (more…)

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