September 2006

I need more fodder in my flame-war against the anti-smoking prohibitionists who want to ban smoking, even in my own bar that I own (hypothetically). (more…)

nomeansno-the-peoples-choice.jpgI will be at the newly-opened Rock N Roll hotel tonight, to see NoMeansNo, who has only come around once before in the 15 years Carolyn & I have listened to them.  We’re totally stoked.  I will write more about it after it happens.

I don’t normally do chain surveys because I view it as building something then throwing it away. I much greater prefer OKCupid where your survey results are stored, and can be compared to your friends. (more…)

14,000 U.S. detainees languish in American hands with few Geneva Convention rights given to them, and few charges filed:

Fucked up.  If anyone has watched The Road To Guantanimo, you would have a better understanding of what is happening.  If you voted for Bush, you are complicit in assisting war crimes and gross abuses of human rights. Good job. (That was sarcasm.)


Some disturbing stories about the erosion of free speech in America.  Having already had a police officer force me to turn my shirt inside-out, because of what it said, politically, at a public event (high school graduation), I can attest firsthand that the climate of free speech in america is dead.  It was dying beofre 9/11 — but 9/11 killed it utterly (Congratulations folks, you handed Bin Laden exactly what he wanted).  Read on for the actual stories. (more…)


Aren’t you glad American media is so “Fair & Balanced”?  Wake up.

Cell phones suck, and I still wont get one.  This article explains exactly how I feel. (more…)

delme-spaceballs.jpg Now, I’m not sure what the average person will think of this. I’m sure purists who loved the original Spaceballs might be aghast at the thought of an animated adaptation. Me? I’m happy because I hated the original Spaceballs. (more…)

Crazy Screaming Lady #2 — OMG this lady goes apeshit (more…)

So Apple is selling TV shows on I-Tunes for $2 a show.  Whoop de doo — I think it sucks, and here’s why. (more…)

Just a heads up to South Park fans.  Time to set a Google Calendar reminder…

Almost every 911 hijacker was a Saudi Arabian citizen; yet we attack Iraq & Afghanistan.  now George W. Bush brings more potential terrorists into our already-open borders.  15,000 more people who belong to the same age group and country of origin as the 911 hijackers.

And yes, this is directly because of George W. Bush.  He brokered this deal with his Saudi buddies.  You really think we’re safer now?

Read about it HERE and HERE.

Elite Saudi families traditionally sent their children to schools here, but their numbers fell once Congress restricted visas after the discovery that 15 of the 19 hijackers on Sept. 11 were Saudi, said Rachel Bronson of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Some officials say efforts to fast-track educational diplomacy could use additional scrutiny.

Read HERE about big brother in the UK — they are now putting loudspeakers on their 5 million public cameras, so that the cameras can shout back at people for engaging in “anti-social behavior”. Ah, the UK. Several years ahead of the U.S. in terms of freedom-crushing. Don’t worry; we’ll catch up.

‘Would the young man on the bike please get off and walk as he is riding in a pedestrian area,’ came the command.


Be afraid. The only thing to fear is fear itself, and the world that is resulting from everyone’s overhyped fears of terrorism (which kills less people than aspirin) is far more scary than anything Bin Laden could possibly do to me.

  • A comprehensive timeline of events related to September 11th.Gathered by correlating over 7,000 mainstream news sources.

    “911 Freedom For Press” says that this may perhaps be more important than the 911 Commission Report itself.

    There are curren

    (tags: 911 timeline news wiki) (more…)

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