Check out this CNN article about the “controversy” surrounding the video taping of Steve Irwin’s death.

I, personally, would like to see the clip of him dying.  I don’t think I need justification; it’s morbid curiosity and my psyche can handle much worse.  But then the article goes on to say:necrophiliac mouse

It would be purely titillation and necrophilia if anyone were to show this.

So now I’m a necrophiliac for wanting to see it?!?!  I don’t think so. — That’s where I got the picture of the necrophiliac mouse to the right. Hilarity ensued!

But anyway, No — that is not the definition of necrophilia.  Prof. Freedman talks about titallation in the very sentence in which he, himself, is titallating.  (Huh huh — “tit”.)  Not just poor journalism, but also hypocritical.


Look! Necrophilia isn’t even illegal in most of the country!  Professor Freedman, instead of whining about releasing a video of someone who is already dead and specifically said that he wanted his death to be filmed, why not spend your time writing your legislature about enacting anti-necrophilia laws?  It would be a much better use of both of our time.  Please go back to teaching your classes, and stay out of CNN.

Personally, I can’t wait for a youtube link. 

And I really liked Steve Irwin. 

People are very irrational.  Watching something bad is not in any way bad itself!