Monday, September 11th, 2006

What the hell?!  There I was, whooping Kipp & Carolyn’s ass in a 70-round, 8000G game of Culdcept, totally obvlious to the fact that I was missing The Simpsons, Family Guy, and American Dad.  These are my favorite network tv shows and the only ones, besides 24 & Smallville, that I still bother to watch on TV as they air.

FOX usually starts their seasons around Halloween.  This is a departure.

So, anyway… Cartoon fans, don’t miss out.

And King Of The Hill is not dead.  People were claiming the finale was the series finale.  Nope.  The series finale will actually become the season premiere for the 11th season, which FOX renewed at the 11th hour.  It wont air until Jan 7 2007.

Terrorism in the past 100 years has killed roughly the same number of people (approx. 3,000) as are killed by aspirin overdose each year (approx. 3,000). Notably, this is also higher than the number of all illicit drug deaths due to toxicity, each year.

Now our own country can do things to us that are a far greater threat to our freedom than Al Queda. Like sending us to secret prisons in europe. Secret prisons that Bush only just recently admitted to having (see earlier post from a few days ago). In these secret prisons they can torture you, cripple you for life, drop you off in a random country, and avoid liability (this happened).

But just in case you are the victim of a class action lawsuit, like those running Abu Ghraib are, HERE [] is article describing the new practice of C.I.A. agents purchasing insurance that idemnifies them from any liability they may incurr while in the process of breaking the law of the constitution and the Geneva convention. You see, if you want to torture people illegally, you better provide insurance for those doing it, or they may (sensibly) have second thoughts about being sued later. If you want them to continue to torture, you must insure them. (more…)

Bet you thought this would be about September 11th?  Nope.  It’s about Napster.

Universal Music Group today announced it will receive a $60 million settlement from Bertelsmann, a German company which invested $100 million in Napster.   [Edit: And on Sept 12th, eDonkey paid the recording industry another $30 million.] (more…)