A few years ago I saw S.O.D. [allmusic] [wikipedia], who had reformed after ~20 years and put out a new album. I had been positive my entire life that I would never see them.

Suddenly, this year, two more bands I like joined this “revival” trend.

Celtic Frost [official site] [wikipedia] [allmusic] [singer’s blog] gets back together and releases their first album in 16 years. Carnivore [wikipedia] [myspace] [allmusic] is the band Type O Negative [wikipedia] [official site] used to be, before they changed their name and their style. I listened to them while they were still Carnivore. They had 2 albums — very hardcore punk/metal.

Read on for track lists, images, and how bloody tampons were thrown at us.


CELTIC FROST: 9/12/2006

  1. Procreation (Of The Wicked) [opening song]
  2. [[[some other song from Morbid Tales… dudududud dadadadadadaddad]]]
  3. Return To The Eve — I think, not sure aobut this one…
  4. Ground
  5. Ain Elohim
  6. The Usurper
  7. Necromantical Screams
  8. Mesmerized (he said this song was about love)
  9. Sorrows Of The Moon
  10. Into The Crypts Of Rays
  11. Circle Of The Tyrants
  12. Dethroned Emperor
  13. Synagoga Satanae (15 minutes) (closing song)
    Who do you think you are? Nine Inch Nails?

So, we never saw John The Canadien anywhere, but he was supposed to be there last night.

CARNIVORE: 9/8/2006

Here are the songs. I really don’t remember the order. So, at the end of the concert, during “Sex & Violence”, they pulled up a couple girls from the audience (the hot ones, of course), and gave them pans of bloody tampons. They threw them at us a lot. At one point, Peter Steele took one, dipped it in his mouth, and said, “Definitely not Type O Negative.” They then began to play the beginning of “Black No. 1”, which would have made me really fucking happy, but fine, tease my cock, I know this isn’t a Type O Negative concert; it’s a Carnivore concert. But c’mon. It’s the same people. They coulda thrown one out there for the masses. But I guess they were keeping true-to-form.


  1. Carnivore (awesome performance)
  2. Angry Neurotic Catholics
  3. Male Supremacy
  4. [[[at least one song from their first album that I know, but couldn’t name the title of]]]
  5. Race War
  6. Helter Skelter (by The Beatles) (seems more like a Type O Negative choice of cover song — this was unexpected)
  7. S.M.D.
  8. World Wars III + IV
  9. Inner Conflict (my favorite)
  10. Jesus Hitler
  11. Sex & Violence




And some Celtic Frost pictures:


Celtic Frost

Celtic Frost