So Apple is selling TV shows on I-Tunes for $2 a show.  Whoop de doo — I think it sucks, and here’s why.

How many shows does a $50 cable bill get me? 48 half-hour shows a day multiplied by 30 days = 1440 or so. That’s 3.4 cents a show. Yes, I realize that I don’t watch every show that is on, but here’s my point:

I watch 1-3 shows a day. Let’s call it 2. 30 days x 2 shows = 60 shows, x $2 = $120 a month.

How is paying $120/month helping me?

If it’s more expensive than my cable (which I’ve downgraded to $20/month), why would I not just download the shows for free via bittorrent?

This is pure greed. This is not as cool as everyone thinks it is.  If they want to make money, they need to lower their prices.  Then again, the sheer technical idiocy of the average american accompanied by a desire to consume without regard for the real value of things might just mean this will work.

But *I* wont be fooled by this.