Cell phones suck, and I still wont get one.  This article explains exactly how I feel.

Basically, to sum it up for those who were too lazy to click on the article link, but somehow were not too lazy to click on my “more” link, Cell Phones suck because:

  1. constant interruptions, and paying money to carry them with you
  2. health hazard, and anti-cell science actively being quelled by corporations
  3. privacy issues in an increasingly distrustful government
  4. public spaces are now filled with private conversations, and when you hear somebody speak, it’s probably not to another human being actually present
  5. stops people from properly planning; encourages “winging it”
  6. keeps you detached from your current reality
  7. social life as an auction; people leaving because they got a call
  8. closes out social circles by encouraging you to call the same people over & over
  9. worst … text input device … EVAR
  10. another conformist trend for trendenoids