Some disturbing stories about the erosion of free speech in America.  Having already had a police officer force me to turn my shirt inside-out, because of what it said, politically, at a public event (high school graduation), I can attest firsthand that the climate of free speech in america is dead.  It was dying beofre 9/11 — but 9/11 killed it utterly (Congratulations folks, you handed Bin Laden exactly what he wanted).  Read on for the actual stories.

Iraqi says had to change t-shirt before U.S. flight

So where do *I* get a “We Will Never Be Silent” shirt??

 Jarrar said, “I grew up and spent all my life living under authoritarian regimes and I know that these things happen. But I’m shocked that they happened to me here, in the U.S.”

You are, Jarrar?  I’m not surprised.  I’ve had the gun pointed to my head because I tried to ask for directions, and I’ve been assaulted (pushed) by an officer for trying to remain on scene as a witness against the security personnel who assaulted a couple trying to leave RenFest.  (So: Fuck RenFest too. But the Scottish Eggs keep me coming back.)

Man detained for writing “Kip Hawley is an idiot” on platic bag

Kip Hawley is the head of T.S.A., and indeed, Kip Hawley is a fucking idiot.

“You can’t write things like this” he said, “You mean my First Amendment right to freedom of speech doesn’t apply here?” “Out there (pointing pass the id checkers) not while in here (pointing down) was his response.”

The T.S.A. is not a private entity.  It is a government entity with the power to detain you and have you arrested.  They do not have a right to censor your speech, or tell you what you can and cannot write, and where you can and cannot right.

Stand up to this.  Do something similar at an airport near you. It’s best for everybody that these shenanigans stop.