14,000 U.S. detainees languish in American hands with few Geneva Convention rights given to them, and few charges filed:  http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/14887908/ 


Fucked up.  If anyone has watched The Road To Guantanimo, you would have a better understanding of what is happening.  If you voted for Bush, you are complicit in assisting war crimes and gross abuses of human rights. Good job. (That was sarcasm.)

We, the people, had to fight for years in order to get our basic rights.  The right to an attorney?  That took a long time to get.  The right to not be detained indefinitely?  We had to fight Britain to gain that.

It’s interesting how hypocritical a society we are.  We claim that the terrorists have an advantage, because they will stoop to lower levels than us.

But we stoop to lower levels ourselves.  Playing doublethink with terminology in order to call a Prisoner Of War an “Enemy Combatant”.  Why not just call them Pink Elephants, and say that the Geneva Convention says nothing about Pink Elephants?  That would be equally ridiculous, but more transparent.

We fight for rights.  Then we fight to make sure that you don’t get your rights.

Even being an American isn’t a guarantee.  Just look at Jose Padilla.  An american citizen is held by the american government for THREE FUCKING YEARS without charges being brought.

Even the rights we fought for ourselves can be selectively taken away by the Bush administration.  This is a new development in the 2000s.  Be afraid of what comes in store in the next decade.  Canadien weather suddenly doesn’t seem so bad……..