October 2006

Cats.  Metalocalypse! (more…)

I saw this as an anonymous post on slashdot. It outlines the reasons why a non-American might hate America, and it outlines them rather well.


The AllSteel #19I’m very happy that I managed to convince my workplace to restore the chair I had six months ago, the Allsteel #19.  Hopefully this will help my back.  Adjustible height, moveable lumbar support, 3 different “tilt limiter” reclining positions, the seat part you sit on can move forward and backward for different leg lengths, and the armrests can go at any height and any angle (and I sit at a slant to my desk, not like a normal person, so this is good.)  Hopefully this will help finish my back injury recovery!

Kenny Vs. Spenny [IMDB] [official blog] [wikipedia] [official corporate site] is a Canadien reality show. I despise the spat of recent American reality TV, and this is a good alternative. It is a weekly contest between two best friends (since childhood), the loser of which must perform a humiliation. They are polar opposittes to each other in almost every way.

This link takes you to the wikipedia section which lists the contests, who won, who lost, and what the humiliation was: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kenny_vs_spenny#Winners_and_Humiliations. This helps you get a feel for how awesome the show can be. Where else can you see a grown man urinate in his pants (besides Jackass)?

Click the “more” link to read the rest of my review. (more…)

Occasionally I read a rant that I think is well-stated and needs reposting.  This is one of them.  It was posted in the discussion of the article “I.T. And Divorce“, about divorces involving I.T. workers.  Read below for the rant itself, or view HERE.  It’s a bit anti-feminism, so I’m hoping to receive some flak from the ladies. (more…)

Read HERE about a noise complaint against a Texas club, where a cop walks in, goes straight up to the stage, and, before too long, starts tasering and punching random people.  Some video here:

And more video HERE.

Also, read HERE about a woman who was given a $100 fine for her anti-Bush bumper sticker.  She is now suing, and rightfully so.



Freak Show – S01E01

Freak Show is the brain-child of David Cross (Arrested Development) and H. Jon Benjamin (Home Movies) and revolves around a group of people who are, well… freaks. They simultaneously perform as a side-show attraction and as superheroes that are (secretly) employed by the Pentagon to undertake low-priority missions.

I am so totally going to check this out! David Cross rules! H. Jon Benjamin rules!  Arrested Development and Home Movies rule! Freaks rule! Superheroes rule! This better be good!

(You might remember H. Jon Benjamin as the voice of “Ben” from Dr. Katz, or “Coach McGurk” from Home Movies.)

Read about TV shows at http://www.TV.com

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