Kenny Vs. Spenny [IMDB] [official blog] [wikipedia] [official corporate site] is a Canadien reality show. I despise the spat of recent American reality TV, and this is a good alternative. It is a weekly contest between two best friends (since childhood), the loser of which must perform a humiliation. They are polar opposittes to each other in almost every way.

This link takes you to the wikipedia section which lists the contests, who won, who lost, and what the humiliation was: This helps you get a feel for how awesome the show can be. Where else can you see a grown man urinate in his pants (besides Jackass)?

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Kenny is evil; Spenny is neurotic.
Kenny is hilarious; Spenny is not as funny.
Kenny cheats and takes nothing serious; Spenny has integretity and good intentions.
Kenny is dishonest; Spenny is too honest.
Kenny is good looking (according to Carolyn); Spenny “looks like David Schwimmer with Down Syndrome” (according to Kenny).
Even their last names say something about their personality: Kenny Hotz likes attention, flirting with the ladies, being the winner at all costs. Spencer (Spenny) Rice is, well, a nice guy, but kinda lame at times. I definitely root for Spenny in every episode. He deserves to win more than he does. But his damn integrity holds him back sometimes.

As I said, I don’t normally watch reality tv. But this one appealed to the intense competetive nature in me. The contests were inane, but intertaining. The entire show sometimes had a fairly staged, unrealistic appearance at times. But the chemistry between Kenny & Spenny seems absolutely geniuine.

Anyway, this was a great show to burn off a few evenings in between other, more hefty watching endeavors (we watched this after watching all 265 episodes of Frasier, it was a welcome break).

Carolyn was oddly traumatized by an episode where Spenny threw up. But Kenny threw up too. But apparantly Spenny’s act of vomiting was traumatizing, and Kenny’s was funny (according to Carolyn). Kenny (looking miserable after gorging himself sick): “Mom, why did you give birth to me?”

The series made Carolyn gag at several points. It even made me gag a couple times, and that’s hard to do. It’s fun, lite TV, that you can fall asleep during and not feel guilty. I’d recommend it over Celebrity Anything, Anything Idol [American Idol, Canadien Idol, Australian Idol — yes, they are doing it everywhere], Survivor, and all that other crap Americans seem to be watching these days.

But I’d still rather be watching cartoons. Might I recommend The Venture Bros.?